How to Convince Your Boss to Support a Workplace Wellness Program

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Were you the recipient of a bunch of eye rolls when you tried to add some extra movement into your day after listening to last week's podcast? If  the people you work with thought you were slacking when you took your movement breaks, this podcast has the facts and statistics you need to convince leaders in your organization that a workplace wellness program is good for the bottom line. 

You don't have to start with a fancy, high-tech wellness program. You can start small by making it fun, and getting people talking, laughing and moving together.  A wellness program that involves some form of movement--running, yoga, pilates, walking- will benefit your company in huge ways. In addition to helping individuals improve attention, motivation, focus and a sense of well-being, they contribute to productivity, a sense of belonging and help people work together better as a team. 

If you are...

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Change Your Workplace Culture Using Fitness Programs that Foster Teamwork and Productivity

fit at work podcast Jan 29, 2019

Today’s episode is all about how you can use wellness in the workplace to boost productivity. But, even if you are not a manager or leader at work, I want you to listen to this because 1) you might have a leader in your life who needs to hear this message. And 2) because we are all leaders, whether it’s leading our families or leading committees at our kids’ schools or participating as volunteers at church or other community organizations.

Imagine this…

You’re trying to lead a team. You have products to develop, projects to deliver, and budgets to hit.

But, you have a huge problem.

Energy is low and your team is not performing. Their communication is in the dumps, and they are competing against each other when they should be collaborating.

They are making outrageous commitments that, despite working long hours,  will ultimately disappoint the client. Morale is low, and there’s no passion for the work they are doing. Your head is pounding...

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Use Your Foam Roller for a HIIT of Cardio

foam roller hiit Jan 28, 2019

You have that foam roller sitting in the corner collecting dust. Why not pull it out and use it to get a cardio boost? In this video, I demonstrate four exercises for you to do Tabata-style. (Then, when you're done, get to work on rolling out your achy muscles!)

Set a timer for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest, for eight rounds. You'll go through the list top to bottom, changing the exercise each time your work interval begins. (There are several free timers in the app store, just search "tabata timer")

Depending on your goals for the day, you can use this as a warm up, a stand-alone four minute workout (great for a quick energy boost at work!), combine it with another cardio tabata, or use it for a cardio burst within a weight session.

Quick cardio sessions like this are easy to work into a busy day at the office. Instead of reaching for that sugary snack when you're lacking energy and the brain fog is thick, get up and move. There's loads and loads of research to...

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Critical Conversations You Should Have With Your Running Coach

podcast Jan 22, 2019

Do you need a running coach? Can’t you just download a free plan from the internet and get to work?  And if you hire one, what do you even talk about with them?


I am a coach, and of course I believe that everyone can benefit from having a coach. Running coaches aren’t just the type of runner you might consider faster or elite. If you are new to running, a coach can be just as important to your success, especially when it comes to helping you continue lacing up and getting out the door.


In this week's podcast, I cover eight types of conversations you might want to have with your coach. Remember your coach is someone you’ve hired to be in your corner, to support you, to help you plan, to help you work through challenges and all the mental things that runners experience as we train. I truly care about each of the people I coach. I want them to run the races they have poured their hearts into. And I want them to get to race day happy, healthy and...

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Tiny Habits to Transform the Trajectory of Your Life and Running

podcast Jan 15, 2019

This week, I'm talking about the impact small behavior changes can make over time.  To see big changes in your performance, you don't need to make grand, sweeping changes that will have everyone talking. Just like the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race. Start with just one habit each week, and before you know it, you will transform your running. 

If you're not a runner, NO WORRIES! You can learn from this too. No matter what you want to accomplish, small changes in a variety of areas can bring big results. For my runners and triathletes, I share six areas where you can make a number of small changes that will make you stronger and faster without running a single step. We'll look at: nutrition, sleep, hydration, strength, mobility and mindset.

To listen to the full podcast, go to iTunes, Spotify or Google Play, or listen in the player right here:

It would help me immensely and -I would think you're a ROCK STAR- if you would...

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How to Develop Healthy Habits and Make Those Resolutions Stick

podcast Jan 08, 2019

As a coach, I strive to support my athletes in their training activities, but I hope I'm also helping them become mentally stronger and that the strategies we use to help them be better athletes and competitors also help them in their personal lives—at home, at work, and as they look toward other hopes and dreams.

Because it’s early in the new year, and most people have set year’s resolutions or intentions, I want to support those efforts and help you be successful. Most people bail on their new year’s resolutions pretty early in the game, and there are a lot of reasons for that. Maybe they weren’t all that committed to the idea in the first place. Maybe they didn't keep the resolution top-of-mind--but most likely, it got HARD. And we resist doing hard things. We like to conserve our energy and take the path of least resistance.

This week, I'm sharing four strategies to help you develop new habits... because we all know that willpower alone doesn't...

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10 Life Lessons for the New Year as Discovered on Maui

podcast Jan 01, 2019

This week, I'm sharing 10 life lessons from my recent family vacation to Maui, and I will share my ideas for how we can translate this to our everyday lives. I would love to experience Maui every day, and I think if we all took this approach, we would feel so much more content with our lives. So whether your favorite place is Maui… or Breckenridge or Nashville or someplace else... as I go through this list, think about what you love about your happy place and how you can take a piece of that place with you every day.

Here's the start of my list of 10 things I learned, or thought about, while I was on Maui:

(To see a video that includes our trip highlights, plus some of the things I mention on the podcast, check out this video my daughter put together.)


  • Feeling calm and being in the moment. When you’re on the islands, it’s like time stands still. No one is in a hurry. How would that feel if we could maintain that sense of calm in our daily lives? What would...
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You Are the Light of the World: Fitness Motivation Edition

podcast Dec 25, 2018

You are the light of the world. You have the ability to spread your light to make a difference in someone’s life. And when a whole bunch of us come together, we can light up not just our homes, but our cities, our states, our countries and the world.

On this week's podcast, I want to do something a little different. I want to fill your heart and mind with positivity that will carry over throughout your day. I want to inspire you to share your light with the world. And that starts with how you think, getting your mind in a positive space, so you look at the world and the people around you with the joy that the holiday season brings.

This will be another podcast that you can use for your journaling. But what I’m really trying to do here is to give you something that you can use while you run or train. Once I stop talking, you'll hear upbeat, music (with a high beats per minute) with motivational quotes sprinkled throughout. I want you to run, write, train or just sit and...

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What's Your Word? How to Choose a Word of the Year

podcast Dec 18, 2018

I've mentioned before that I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions. They are shiny, bright objects that fill us with enthusiasm at the beginning of the year and quickly lose their sparkle once the newness wears off. That's why I like to encourage people to choose a word of the year, rather than making a bunch of resolutions. In this episode, I talk about choosing a word, how that word will guide your decisions throughout the coming year, how optimism helps us achieve our goals, and how we can "train" optimism. At the end of the episode, I share three fun ideas for personal or family projects that you can use to develop optimism. 

You can listen to the full episode in the player below, or head over to iTunes, Spotify or Google Play.

If you're listening to this / reading this through the holiday season, or if you've been following along with some of the episodes I've done related to journaling, you might find the following journal prompts helpful:

  1. What were your best moments of...
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Have Goals? Journal with Top Minds in Health and Fitness

podcast Dec 11, 2018

If you tuned in last week, you know that I'm excited about using journaling as a way to power up your performance, not just when it comes to health and fitness, but in all areas of your life. I did some killer interviews over the summer with top minds in the health and fitness industry. For this podcast, I looked back through the podcast episodes and used some clips from the interviews as journal prompts. 

Tune into the podcast to get the full context. Then, spend some time reflecting and writing about any of the topics that resonate with you. Click on the links within each paragraph below to go to the full, original podcast with each of these amazing minds in the wellness world. 

Listen on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify. Or click on the player at the bottom of this page. 

From Sara J Loureiro, Mindset Coach & Business Strategist for women who are on a mission to make a serious impact in the world: We talked about living life "As if..." How would your behavior...

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