Why Your Boss Wants You to Exercise on Company Time

fit at work podcast Sep 25, 2018

The average person in the U.S. does not get the amount of weekly exercise recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. The minimum recommendation is 2 ½ hours of moderate intensity exercise a week – and two days of strength training a week for all major muscle groups.

That’s just 30 minutes, five times a week for the moderate intensity exercise, which could include walking. So, why is it so hard to fit this exercise into our day? We all know that exercise is good for us, and most people acknowledge its importance. When I hear people talking about why they don’t exercise, lack of time is usually one of the first reasons they mention. And, I get that. We have work, and kids and relationships, and chores, and we need time to just chill... and catch up on our favorite Netflix series.

Even if your boss hasn't said they want you to exercise on company time, I'm thinking you can make a good case for it after listening to this podcast. There are so many benefits to exercise; it’s not just a personal indulgence, and it’s not the selfish pursuit that some might like to label it. Exercise makes us more effective at our jobs. It helps us concentrate better, helps us learn faster, makes us more efficient, make less mistakes and helps with social connections.

 SO yes… your employer absolutely benefits when you work out. Let's talk about some of the reasons why you might want to incorporate exercise into your work day.


  • Helps us be more alert
  • It reduces stress
  • It helps to manage our mood. It makes us happier, less anxious and helps with depression
  • Of course, it can also improve your overall fitness level and help with weight management, if that’s something that is important to you
  • And moving at your desk at least once an hour can help to clear brain fog, which makes you more productive and creative. And if you're prone to tension headaches, movement and stretching can help alleviate one of the causes... being slumped over a computer.
  • If you take time to take a walking meeting, or walk with a group over lunch, exercise can improve morale and camaraderie and promote team work. And an office or team training event is also a great way to have a great time and build relationships.

Listen to this week's podcast for more -- and also learn how to easily work exercise into your day, how to get some coworkers on board, and learn about research that backs all this up.

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 Who am I?

I am a certified running and triathlon coach who is also certified to teach group fitness. I recently became a Functional Aging Specialist and a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist. I am passionate about helping people discover activities they love that will keep them active and moving for decades to come.

You can find me on social media as @Powerofrun and at www.crushingmygoals.com. If you are interested in developing a workplace fitness program, I would love to help! And if you need a running or triathlon coach, check out my online group programs, or email ([email protected])  so we can create something custom.

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