Coach Kim Peek knows what it's like to be... 

a new runner, a new mom who is self-conscious about her body, a breast cancer survivor who needs to regain upper body mobility and strength, and a runner who needs to learn how to overcome injuries. 

Kim turns her own bumps and twists in the road of life into programs and workshops to help you grow!

Run or Walk Your First 5K

Get a 28 page download with all the info you need to get started running! You'll get a few emails from Coach Kim, along with this handy training guide that answers all your questions. 

I'm ready to run!

It's Time to Tri!

Check out the podcasts Coach Kim recorded for National Triathlon week and follow  to get more resources for new triathletes and women 50+ who are new to the sport.

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Train Your Brain - Mindset Resources 

The words we tell ourselves matter. What we believe becomes our truth, and that story dictates our health, performance and success. Click here to check out mindset resources. More will be added. 

Feed My Brain!

Fit at Work

Are you a leader who would like to transform lives and culture in your organization through the use of running and fitness programs? Join this free group to connect with others who want to learn how physical activity at work can build better teams. 

Let's transform culture together!

Run Strong!

Join this free group to connect with runners, to talk running, to get Coach Kim's tips about running form, strength exercises, stretching, mobility... and all the things you can do to be consistent, and get to the start of your race happy, healthy and strong!

Connect and get strong!

Power Up Your Performance

Tune in to Power Up Your Performance, Kim's podcast where she discusses topics that will help you live, feel, train and perform like a champion. There's a new episode each Tuesday, and it's available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

Browse episodes here!

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