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What does it take to think, feel, perform, and live like a champion? Coach Kim explores this question to help listeners level up in all areas of life. 

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Traits All Champions Possess

107. Passion, Action, Movement: Making the Most of This Time (A July Recap)

It has been a rough couple of months, but there's a new season ahead. Even if you struggled in July, you can take the lessons from July's guests to help you moving forward. From understanding that we are the creators of our reality, to foundational principles for living, to using movement to change your mood... being kind to yourself, and focusing on what you can control.... we covered a lot of topics!

108. Movement is Medicine--Day ONE of Our 5-Day Movement Challenge

This is the first in a five-day challenge series designed to help you level up your life in this challenging time. Exercise could very well be every parent's secret weapon as we head back to school this year. In this episode, I talk about the benefits of exercise on the brain, how parents can incorporate movement to help their children academically, and why movement is good for YOU.

Turn Up the Heat on Your Motivation to Exercise

109. Creating a Road Map for Success-- Day TWO of Our 5-Day Movement Challenge

I've been thinking a lot about habits and routines and how our habits change in different seasons. We've been in one LONG season with all the unexpected changes in our lives due to COVID. How are you adapting? Are you ready to level up your life and get back on track with some movement? Join us for Day Two of our challenge!

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