PODCAST EPISODE 164. Practical Advice on Eliminating Pain Without Medication or Surgeries


Pain serves a purpose. It pinpoints where our limits lie. It helps us grow stronger and more resilient. But sometimes it overstays its welcome, interfering with our quality of life.

While medication, surgeries, and other invasive treatments are all options on the table, sometimes the solution to controlling and eliminating pain lies in understanding the human body – i.e., where the buttons are and create balance or alignment using non-invasive techniques.

In this episode, I’m joined by Chris Kidawski, who is the founder and CEO of Influential Health Solutions. Chris goes by many titles that he has picked up over the last two decades working in the wellness and fitness industry. He is a speaker, an author with more than 7 books to his name, and a coach.

As he reiterates throughout our conversation, Chris is big on helping people from all walks of life heal from the inside out. He achieves this noble quest courtesy of a client-centered practice geared towards manipulating the fascia to promote a happier, healthier, pain-free self.

Whether you’re in serious pain, metabolically ill, or just in need of a little self-improvement, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss. 


Here’s a Snippet of Our Conversation:

We touch on a wide range of topics revolving around pain management and maintaining the body for optimal performance—and how all these tie in with our fascia.


Reclaiming Your Power

Chris: One of the things that I do today is I take the power or take the pain that takes the power away from the individual—and I show them how they can actually help themselves get better… I help people understand what is mechanistically true in the human body when it comes to pain and how easily you can get rid of it.


Understanding Fascia 

Kim: Can you talk a little bit about how sometimes where you feel the pain is not actually the cause of the pain?

Chris: There are no old people in this world – there is only old fascia. If we are not maintaining this beautiful crystalline substance that sits underneath our skin and connects everything to everything, it is going to get tight, movement gets restricted, we develop overcompensation patterns, and then pain comes seemingly out of nowhere.

Kim: Going back to the repetitive motions. I see this a lot in runners where injuries surface when training for a marathon. I always think it's probably because they've had some movement patterns that aren't ideal. And then as you increase your mileage, is just magnifying.


Maintenance of the Body

Chris: It all comes down to pressure. With more pressure from the increased mileage, those trigger points or adhesions get tighter and tighter…But you can maintain your body and help it repair itself correctly.


The Issue with the Iliotibial (IT) Band

Kim: I know that there are so many varying opinions on this: Is it worthwhile to roll and use a ball on your IT band?

Chris: What we're actually talking about when we have a tight IT band would be tight fascia of the IT band…as the fascia gets tighter and tighter, what happens is the IT band and the nerves and everything starts to compress and create pain. And we get what's called IT band syndrome.

Chris: A foam roller will do something. But is it going to be optimal? Probably not. But it's better than nothing.


We talked about SO MUCH more!

Chris also talks in-depth about the fascinating abilities and role of the fascia in our bodies—including how it potentially connects with a host of other bodily organs/functions and the need to work with what is mechanistically true in the human body.

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