PODCAST EPISODE 168: The link between gut health, mood, and stress with Kirsty Taylor

nutrition podcast Feb 08, 2022

Kirsty Taylor is a Holistic Nutritionist,  bridging science and spirituality. She empowers people to understand what their bodies are trying to tell them, so they can heal their root causes. Because our bodies are always communicating with us, it’s important to understand that these root causes are more than physical symptoms, and we need to also understand how our bodies need to heal on an emotional, mental and energetic level.


What we talked about:

Kim: Can you start off by telling us: what is gut health?

Kirsty: If you ask different people, you'll probably get  different answers to that question. Gut health really begins in our mouth and it ends in our bottoms. ... I think a lot of people, when they're thinking about gut health, tend to think more about microbiome. And that micro-biome lives in a large intestines. The health and diversity of that microbiome is super important though, even though it is only one picture, it really does contribute a...

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PODCAST EPISODE 165: Supersized Lies: Myths About Weight Loss and the Diet Industry

nutrition podcast Jan 23, 2022

The world would have you believe that losing weight is easy, but the truth is, in many cases, you’re being fed a generous helping of falsehoods and misguided dieting advice.

The media, celebrities, weight-loss gurus, and the Internet bombard society with recommendations about how to shed unwanted pounds: Count calories, cut carbs, exercise more, skip meals, drink more water, pop a pill. Yet as more people try diligently to follow this advice, waistlines continue to expand.

Robert J. Davis, PhD, also known as The Healthy Skeptic, is an award-winning health journalist whose work has appeared on TIME, CNN, PBS, WebMD, and in The Wall Street Journal. The author of three previous books on health, he hosts the “Healthy Skeptic” video series, which dissects the science behind popular health claims. Davis holds an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, a master’s degree in public health from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health, and a PhD...

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PODCAST EPISODE 160. Emotional Eating During the Holidays: What You Need to Know with Cassie Christopher

nutrition podcast Nov 15, 2021

I thought this would be a helpful topic to cover as we head into the holiday season. Somehow, as a society, we've worked ourselves into a place where there can be a lot of shame and guilt around holiday eating. Magazines and fitness experts will blow up your social media feeds the next two months, with all kinds of "rules" around eating... how to plan for that stuffing or pumpkin pie, how to starve yourself all day so you can go to that work cocktail party, how many burpees you need to do to "work off" the holiday cookies you ate in the breakroom. 

It's no wonder we have so much confusion over nutrition, diet, exercise... as well as a stigma around larger bodies and a skewed idea of what beautiful means.

Today's guest wants you to know that all the emotions and confusion you feel around eating are not your fault. We've been fed so much garbage about what to think and believe, it's hard to sort through it all.

Cassie Christopher is going to set you straight, and hopefully,...

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PODCAST EPISODE 159: Super-Charging Your Energy Beyond 40 with Melissa Gunn

habits nutrition podcast Nov 01, 2021

No one stays as animated in their 40s+ as they were in their childhood or youth. But getting older doesn’t automatically banish you to a life of less vigor and energy. Sometimes all it takes to crank up your steam are lifestyle changes.  

Melissa Gunn joins me in today’s episode to share her tips on how men and women can invigorate their energy levels past the 40 mark. She is the founder and CEO of Pure Strength LA, a Certified SuperSlow Specialist, and a fitness and nutrition coach with decades of experience in helping people rejuvenate their health and achieve optimal well-being.  


Snippets from Our Conversation: 

We talked about what it takes to supercharge your energy after 40. As she puts it, “It really comes down to exercise, strength training, moving every day, eating nutritious (not processed) foods, cutting down on the sugar,...

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PODCAST EPISODE 155: Making Nutrition Simple with Mallory Gonzales

nutrition podcast Sep 27, 2021

What should you eat? Eating is a basic human need—but one that has been twisted to seem overly complicated amidst the flurry of food misconceptions, contradictory information,  unsustainable fitness goals, and fad diets that are churned faster than you can keep up. The realm of nutrition is just so messy! But what if you could ditch the ever-growing list of diet rules but still eat healthily? Mallory Gonzales believes this is possible and her solution is as simple as, well, making nutrition simple. 

Mallory Gonzales is a registered dietitian with a Master of Science in Nutrition. She is also the head of nutrition at Kencko, which is a plant-based nutrition company that is on a mission is to help people get more organic fruits and vegetables in their everyday routine every single day through shelf-stable smoothies and...

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PODCAST EPISODE 152: How to Be Healthy Without Trying So Hard with Claudia Wilson

habits nutrition podcast Sep 01, 2021

Food touches every aspect of our lives, and everyone needs to eat. Because of this, your relationship to food is important, but it doesn’t need to be hard. Rather than worrying about lists of foods you can and can’t eat, today's guest on Power Up Your Performance, Claudia Wilson, encourages her clients to be mindful of why they are eating.

Claudia is a health and lifestyle coach, registered dietitian nutritionist, a board certified specialist in sports nutrition,  a Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Trainer and the author of ONE-TWO-Punch. She created ONE-TWO PUNCH after meeting with thousands of clients and creating a method that is easy, doable and sustainable.   



A few of the things we talked about:

Kim: So let's get one of the big questions out of the way at the very beginning of the show: what is the best diet?

Claudia: Everybody always wants to know. There's so many out there, all the brand name diets. What's the...

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Finding Your Sweet Spot in Sport with Rebecca McConville

nutrition podcast May 06, 2019

How do you balance your energy as a runner? We live in a numbers-driven society, making it easy to compare training data with those around us. In sports such as running, there can be pressure to fall within a certain weight range. And dance companies and dance schools often look at BMI (Body Mass Index) to determine if their dancers are "in shape."  As you'll hear on this week's episode, comparisons like these can be dangerous because they don't account for the variety of ways that each individual is different. Following a formula that requires an athlete to be "just like everyone else," can be a recipe for illness and injury. If you're an athlete, a coach, or the parent or partner of an athlete, how do you know if your athlete is eating the right foods to fuel their body for training and competition? Do you know the signs of Relative Energy Deficit in Sport (RED-S)? 

I talked with Rebecca McConville (MS, RD, CSSD, CEDRD) for this episode. Rebecca is a board...

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