PODCAST EPISODE 152: How to Be Healthy Without Trying So Hard with Claudia Wilson

habits nutrition podcast Sep 01, 2021

Food touches every aspect of our lives, and everyone needs to eat. Because of this, your relationship to food is important, but it doesn’t need to be hard. Rather than worrying about lists of foods you can and can’t eat, today's guest on Power Up Your Performance, Claudia Wilson, encourages her clients to be mindful of why they are eating.

Claudia is a health and lifestyle coach, registered dietitian nutritionist, a board certified specialist in sports nutrition,  a Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Trainer and the author of ONE-TWO-Punch. She created ONE-TWO PUNCH after meeting with thousands of clients and creating a method that is easy, doable and sustainable.   



A few of the things we talked about:

Kim: So let's get one of the big questions out of the way at the very beginning of the show: what is the best diet?

Claudia: Everybody always wants to know. There's so many out there, all the brand name diets. What's the best thing. I the best one is the one that you can do, period. The best one is the one that you can do.

You'll get lots of different answers, but it's something that you can do and something that is sustainable and not torture.

Kim: Oh, I like that. Not torture.

We talked about the reasons people might start a new wellness program or get stalled out in their efforts to change their eating habits.

Claudia: When someone tells me they stopped a particular program, I always ask them what made them stop.

And the number one answer that they tell me, which I find fascinating, is life got in the way. And I'm like, wait a second... shouldn't life be what we're doing every day? I get what they're saying, but when we think about it, doesn't that not make sense that what you're eating everyday should fit into your life?

On cutting out sugars/carbs/all the foods we crave:

Claudia: I work with clients all the time that still believe that the only way they are going to lose weight is if they take out all processed food. "If I take out all sugar..." sometimes "if I take out all carbs...," that's the only way I'm going to lose weight. And we have to re pattern their thinking to understand that if they eat when they're hungry and not overeat, they can have really anything they want. It's the emotional eating that gets in the way.

We also talked about emotional eating, how to handle office parties, how to know when you're eating because you're hungry or eating because of loneliness... and more! 

You can listen to the full episode in the player above, or listen anywhere you listen to podcasts.


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