PODCAST: Building Resilience: The Journey from Adversity to Success with D Arlando Fortune

dreams obstacles podcast Apr 15, 2023

 D Arlando Fortune, or "Fortune" as he prefers it, is a former government accountant turned entrepreneur and self-publishing strategist. After serving nine months in jail for drug-related crimes, Fortune earned his Master's degree in Psychology from Grand Canyon University and is currently working a Ph.D. in Psychology with a focus on Human Performance. 

He's the creator of the SIGNATURE Book Formula™ and is the founder of No Doubt Nation, where the followers live by one mantra: "Make LIFE Happen… EVERY DAY!"

Fortune is a proud father of two awesome kids, an athlete, a martial arts movie junkie, and loves chocolate chip cookies… but only the soft batch.



A few glimpses of our conversation:

On creating products to sell:

Fortune:  I did research to find out what the top thought leaders were doing. I found out that they had a signature talk, they had a signature book, they had a signature system, whether that ...

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PODCAST EPISODE 172: From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete

podcast triathlon Aug 09, 2022

It’s never too late to do something to better your life and your health. In this episode, I talk with the author of From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete: A Portrait of a Non-athletic Triathlete, Hilary JM Topper of Merrick, NY. Hilary will inspire anyone to overcome their past, push past their boundaries, and change their life for the better. Her book chronicles her journey from almost failing high school gym as a teenager to learning how to swim, bike and run as a middle-aged woman. 

Hilary’s story and her drive to change her life will inspire others to do the same -  no matter how rich or poor, how overweight or underweight, or how old or young they are. 

Some of the things we talked about:

Kim Peek: I would love to hear how you went from couch potato to endurance athlete. What sparked that in you? What made you think wake up one morning and say, Hey, I think this sounds like a good idea.

Hilary Topper: So I was 47 years...

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PODCAST EPISODE 171: Become a Swimming Fanatic Without Boredom with Sheera Goren

podcast swimming Jul 17, 2022

One of the drawbacks of swimming is that it can be solitary and very, very quiet. If you're new to swimming, it can seem overwhelming to attend a masters swimming class. And there are just so many things to know as a newbie!

In this episode of Power Up Your Performance, I spoke with Sheera Goren, co-founder and CEO of Zygo, and underwater headset for streaming audio and live communication.

Prior to taking the plunge in the deep end, Sheera graduated from UCLA with a law degree and became the general counsel for an international hospitality group at 27. Tired of a desk job, she quit to start SwimTeam, a fitness company similar to SoulCycle and Barry's Bootcamp, that offers swimming-based workout classes. Sheera also founded a nonprofit, Dinating, which worked with restaurants to raise money to feed needy families in Los Angeles. Donating 30,000+ meals using the funds they raised.

Listen to the episode in the player below, or on your favorite podcast platform.



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PODCAST EPISODE 170: Connect to Your Inner Vision to Create Your Dream Life

dreams empowerment podcast Feb 17, 2022

Petia Kolibova is a women’s transformation coach who helps women who have been pushed down and been playing it small due to toxic relationships or unhealed childhood trauma to create a life that is true to them and their soul purpose.

Her mission is to help women who are on the path to healing from past wounds move through their limiting beliefs and internal blocks so they can finally do what they want to do and what feels good to them.


What we talked about:

On Dreams...

Petia: We give up on our dreams. We give up on our hopes. We start living in the matrix. We start living in a world that has been constructed for us by listening to everyone around us, instead of trusting ourselves and our intuition. It's so important to go back to your body and starting to really listen to yourself and tune into what feels right for you and what doesn't... instead of listening everyone else... because no one else has you. No one else will have all the answers.

On not finding...

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PODCAST EPISODE 169: From Trials and Tribulation to Thriving in all Things

empowerment podcast Feb 14, 2022

Michaela S. Cox is a multi-published author and speaker who writes about a wide range of topics. Drawing on her own life experiences with disability, divorce and the death of her beloved husband, Michaela knows what it’s like to face trauma and tribulations and thrive through challenges. Her journey offers hope and a way forward to those who are dealing with challenges of their own.

What I loved about talking with Michaela is that she has dealt with a lot in her life, and she hasn’t let anything stop her. She shares a great list of tools and tactics that help her thrive through challenges in this interview.


What we talked about:

Finding the sunshine in sorrow...

Michaela: As much as we can't control our circumstances, and we don't always control the thoughts or feelings that are flying in and out of our brains, we can control what we do with them once they're there... whether we're going to be more optimistic, pessimistic, stay in the yucky places or decide...

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PODCAST EPISODE 168: The link between gut health, mood, and stress with Kirsty Taylor

nutrition podcast Feb 08, 2022

Kirsty Taylor is a Holistic Nutritionist,  bridging science and spirituality. She empowers people to understand what their bodies are trying to tell them, so they can heal their root causes. Because our bodies are always communicating with us, it’s important to understand that these root causes are more than physical symptoms, and we need to also understand how our bodies need to heal on an emotional, mental and energetic level.


What we talked about:

Kim: Can you start off by telling us: what is gut health?

Kirsty: If you ask different people, you'll probably get  different answers to that question. Gut health really begins in our mouth and it ends in our bottoms. ... I think a lot of people, when they're thinking about gut health, tend to think more about microbiome. And that micro-biome lives in a large intestines. The health and diversity of that microbiome is super important though, even though it is only one picture, it really does contribute a...

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PODCAST EPISODE 167: Creating Confidence from the Inside Out with Janelle Anderson

podcast success mindset Feb 01, 2022

Janelle Anderson is a speaker, author, and confidence coach for women entrepreneurs helping them to own their expertise, monetize their message and attract more clients. With her powerful confidence-building formula, women are able to conquer the impostor within and speak up with confidence and clarity and make their brand stand out in the marketplace. Janelle is the creator of Fearless Confidence Formula, her signature course focuses on messaging and speaking with confidence, and the Fearless Women Mastermind program. Her new book, Take Center Stage: Be the Star of Your Own Story, released in February 2022.

 A taste of our conversation:


Kim: What are some of the common kinds of things that people encounter or that are causing people from being confident? 

Janelle: The top challenge that I see is that women are so concerned about what other people think of them.

They feel like they need to measure up to somebody else's standard or they're worried about how...

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PODCAST EPISODE 166: Make Your New Year's Dreams a Reality with Jessica Michelle Singleton

dreams podcast Jan 25, 2022

How do you create your dream life? Can tough times provide fuel to help you find your passion? I talked Jessica Michelle Singleton about how she got to where she is today - and how her comedy promotes healing.

Jessica has been a force in the comedy world for the past half a decade. She was most recently seen in the Showtime docuseries, "The Comedy Store" about the world famous club on Sunset Blvd where comedians like Robin Williams, David Letterman, and Richard Pryor got their starts.

Her second comedy album, "Horny for Death" just debuted at #1 on iTunes and Amazon, making this her second #1 album. She's raw and hilarious. Her honest stream-of-consciousness style of delivery keeps audiences cracking up while feeling seen for all the normal human "flaws" we tend to run from.


A preview of our conversation:

Kim: I love this thing that you're doing because it's kind of a topic that I've been big on lately, which is: creating your own place at the table.



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PODCAST EPISODE 165: Supersized Lies: Myths About Weight Loss and the Diet Industry

nutrition podcast Jan 23, 2022

The world would have you believe that losing weight is easy, but the truth is, in many cases, you’re being fed a generous helping of falsehoods and misguided dieting advice.

The media, celebrities, weight-loss gurus, and the Internet bombard society with recommendations about how to shed unwanted pounds: Count calories, cut carbs, exercise more, skip meals, drink more water, pop a pill. Yet as more people try diligently to follow this advice, waistlines continue to expand.

Robert J. Davis, PhD, also known as The Healthy Skeptic, is an award-winning health journalist whose work has appeared on TIME, CNN, PBS, WebMD, and in The Wall Street Journal. The author of three previous books on health, he hosts the “Healthy Skeptic” video series, which dissects the science behind popular health claims. Davis holds an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, a master’s degree in public health from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health, and a PhD...

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PODCAST EPISODE 164. Practical Advice on Eliminating Pain Without Medication or Surgeries


Pain serves a purpose. It pinpoints where our limits lie. It helps us grow stronger and more resilient. But sometimes it overstays its welcome, interfering with our quality of life.

While medication, surgeries, and other invasive treatments are all options on the table, sometimes the solution to controlling and eliminating pain lies in understanding the human body – i.e., where the buttons are and create balance or alignment using non-invasive techniques.

In this episode, I’m joined by Chris Kidawski, who is the founder and CEO of Influential Health Solutions. Chris goes by many titles that he has picked up over the last two decades working in the wellness and fitness industry. He is a speaker, an author with more than 7 books to his name, and a coach.

As he reiterates throughout our conversation, Chris is big on helping people from all walks of life heal from the inside out. He achieves this noble quest courtesy of a client-centered practice geared towards manipulating...

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