PODCAST: Building Resilience: The Journey from Adversity to Success with D Arlando Fortune

dreams obstacles podcast Apr 15, 2023

 D Arlando Fortune, or "Fortune" as he prefers it, is a former government accountant turned entrepreneur and self-publishing strategist. After serving nine months in jail for drug-related crimes, Fortune earned his Master's degree in Psychology from Grand Canyon University and is currently working a Ph.D. in Psychology with a focus on Human Performance. 

He's the creator of the SIGNATURE Book Formula™ and is the founder of No Doubt Nation, where the followers live by one mantra: "Make LIFE Happen… EVERY DAY!"

Fortune is a proud father of two awesome kids, an athlete, a martial arts movie junkie, and loves chocolate chip cookies… but only the soft batch.



A few glimpses of our conversation:

On creating products to sell:

Fortune:  I did research to find out what the top thought leaders were doing. I found out that they had a signature talk, they had a signature book, they had a signature system, whether that was coaching, consulting or courses or whatever. They had some way of going into businesses and changing them with their method or process. And then they were excellent marketers.

If you have the message, they'll comeSo I started writing the books, and I start creating coaching packages. I started working on my speaking. And all three of those are products if you know how to package them properly.

And it's all coming from one core system. So from that one course, I start teaching people how to create the courses, how to create the coaching, how to create the consulting, how to turn it into a retreat, how to turn it into whatever it is you do. podcast is another version of taking your system and turning it into a product or service to offer.


Kim: You have a story framework that you take people through. Yes, ma'am. Why is story important?

Fortune: Story is important because story is what connects us all. From the beginnings of times of people coming, humans coming, into community, we have been storytelling individuals. Whether that was drawings on the walls or that's grunts, or you're just walking through and using hands and gestures and mimicking what happens to communicate, how to do a certain thing. So the ability to tell stories is what connects us all.

Kim: Now, I would like you, if you're willing to tell us a little bit about the story framework. 

Fortune: The story formula is something that I have developed over several years of writing a lot of sales copy and really diving into storytelling. I love storytelling. So I figure, how do I marry these two? 

Learn about the story formula, the signature book formula, Fortune's method for creating a best seller, and more in this episode of Power Up Your Performance!

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