PODCAST EPISODE 163. Working Through Mental Struggles that Rob Athletes of Success


The mental side of the game is a skill and can be learned and practiced just like any other aspect of softball, soccer, volleyball, or any other competitive sport. Coach Jennifer Siess Gansner believes that when we define our experience, we can know it, name it, own it, and change it. 

As the founder of Mine to Define coaching, Coach Jenn helps competitive, athletic girls take charge of their performance, break down defining moments, create personalized strategies, and level up to win at sports and in life.


What We Talked About:

 What is the Mine to Define Framework?

We're born with some gifts, but we all have the ability to improve anything we want to with practice and work. The framework includes three pillars: Optimum Ownership, Growth Mindset, and Courageous Confidence.

What is Courageous Confidence?

It's having the courage to believe in yourself when you don't know what the outcome's going to be. 

Can you share an example of how this might work with a player who puts the weight of the team on their shoulders?

Let's say I'm talking with a volleyball player, and we talk about what success looks like. 

So when she says, "I messed up," I would ask her, "What does that look like? What does that mean that you messed up?"  

And sometimes we'll break it down and find out that she actually did her part, but maybe the team didn't do their part... but she didn't think she did enough to make up for it. So we have to redefine what does success mean? Does success mean you win? That's really good measure of success. I ask my kids all the time, "What did we learn? Where were the successes?" 

We talked about SO. Much. More. 

Coach Jen shared tons of examples of how  she works with players to define what success looks like and take ownership of the aspects they can control. We also talked about some strategies parents can use to get the tone at home so their player gets to the game ready to perform. And, we talked about how sports can help student athletes develop skills that will help them be more successful in life.

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