PODCAST EPISODE 168: The link between gut health, mood, and stress with Kirsty Taylor

nutrition podcast Feb 08, 2022

Kirsty Taylor is a Holistic Nutritionist,  bridging science and spirituality. She empowers people to understand what their bodies are trying to tell them, so they can heal their root causes. Because our bodies are always communicating with us, it’s important to understand that these root causes are more than physical symptoms, and we need to also understand how our bodies need to heal on an emotional, mental and energetic level.


What we talked about:

Kim: Can you start off by telling us: what is gut health?

Kirsty: If you ask different people, you'll probably get  different answers to that question. Gut health really begins in our mouth and it ends in our bottoms. ... I think a lot of people, when they're thinking about gut health, tend to think more about microbiome. And that micro-biome lives in a large intestines. The health and diversity of that microbiome is super important though, even though it is only one picture, it really does contribute a lot to overall health conditions. 


Kim: How would somebody know that they don't have good gut health? What are some clues?

Kirsty:  That could be a super big range of things. So everything from your typical IBS type of symptoms - which if anyone who's got IBS will know it's sometimes alternating constipation diarrhea. It can be more one than the other. It's bloating; it's pain. That's very common for poor gut health. It can be something like mood swings. So you're just not feeling as energetic maybe as you once were, or you're not feeling as happy as motivated... that can come back to your gut health... headaches, reoccurring headaches can be a big one. For skin health, if you've got eczema or psoriasis and rosacea, all of that can come back to your gut health.  And again, for our minds,  because the micro-biome in our large intestine can actually alter that for men and women. We can see problems with excess estrogen or in women that might come up as really heavy crampy clotty periods; in men, that will show up as low testosterone. And that can for men can look anything like just not being motivated to do anything.


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