PODCAST EPISODE 159: Super-Charging Your Energy Beyond 40 with Melissa Gunn

habits nutrition podcast Nov 01, 2021

No one stays as animated in their 40s+ as they were in their childhood or youth. But getting older doesn’t automatically banish you to a life of less vigor and energy. Sometimes all it takes to crank up your steam are lifestyle changes.  

Melissa Gunn joins me in today’s episode to share her tips on how men and women can invigorate their energy levels past the 40 mark. She is the founder and CEO of Pure Strength LA, a Certified SuperSlow Specialist, and a fitness and nutrition coach with decades of experience in helping people rejuvenate their health and achieve optimal well-being.  


Snippets from Our Conversation: 

We talked about what it takes to supercharge your energy after 40. As she puts it, “It really comes down to exercise, strength training, moving every day, eating nutritious (not processed) foods, cutting down on the sugar, and quality sleeping. It's that simple.”  


Things that Drain Our Energy—and how to Get That Energy Back 

Melissa: One thing is not moving every day. I think we need to get outside and move every day… strength training is one of the most important things you can do. Building muscle actually gives you a lot of energy. 



Keeping Up Your Energy Levels into Your 40s  

Kim: When it comes to exercise, when you get into that 40-ish age range, are there things that women need to consider—like when it comes to intensity and hormones and things like that? 

Melissa: The number one thing I think people should do is strength training. And that is because we're losing roughly 3% muscle every year by the time we turn 25 to 30…You want to do everything you can to help combat that process. And there is also a direct correlation between women and menopause and bone density decreasing. But strength training and exercise, in general, is one of the best things you can do to combat osteoporosis or osteopenia. 


Prioritizing Quality Sleep  

Melissa: I always talked about being consistent with your bedtime and your wake time. For instance, I try and go to bed between 10 and 11 every night and then I wake up between six and seven the next day—and I naturally wake up full of energy…And then the other thing is not to be on Netflix or your phone right before bed. Instead, try and do something more relaxing…I also really advocate against eating too late before bed and eating too much sugar before bed because that interrupts your sleep. 


Injury Prevention  

Kim: We're talking about trying to move more, but what are some of the things we need to think about so that we're not constantly injured, which takes us out of all the fun things in life? 

Melissa: I think number one is not overdoing it… I think building up slowly and not doing anything excessively is really important. When people come to us at the gym, we talk about just building up gradually with the weight so that we're not backtracking and hurting ourselves. 

Kim: Yes, ease into things. Also, be aware of who you let in your head. Don’t try to compete against other people in the class or allow an instructor to push you too far. 


The Priceless Feeling of Well-Being – Glow and Feel Confident! 

Melissa: Sometimes we don't realize how we're changing. But you're glowing, and your body is changing, and you're holding yourself differently, and you don't have back pain anymore. That feels so good. Sometimes we forget where we came from. 

Kim: I love that you're mentioning things that don't necessarily directly tie to how much weight we gained, or how much muscle we gained, or lost…all of these things (you feel better, you're not in pain, you're more confident, or you're proud of yourself, you're glowing) are benefits that I think we don't give enough credit to. 

We also talked about...

We also talked about “little habits that make a big difference” in helping maintain your energy levels—including diet, soaking some sunshine every day, managing stress to stay mentally sharp, and tips to make time for strategies that invigorate your energy levels. 

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