Finding Your Sweet Spot in Sport with Rebecca McConville

nutrition podcast May 06, 2019

How do you balance your energy as a runner? We live in a numbers-driven society, making it easy to compare training data with those around us. In sports such as running, there can be pressure to fall within a certain weight range. And dance companies and dance schools often look at BMI (Body Mass Index) to determine if their dancers are "in shape."  As you'll hear on this week's episode, comparisons like these can be dangerous because they don't account for the variety of ways that each individual is different. Following a formula that requires an athlete to be "just like everyone else," can be a recipe for illness and injury. If you're an athlete, a coach, or the parent or partner of an athlete, how do you know if your athlete is eating the right foods to fuel their body for training and competition? Do you know the signs of Relative Energy Deficit in Sport (RED-S)? 

I talked with Rebecca McConville (MS, RD, CSSD, CEDRD) for this episode. Rebecca is a board certified sports specialist and eating disorder clinician. She has spent her career helping athletes fuel and understand their bodies so they can perform their best. As a former collegiate athlete, she understands how the drive for performance may lead to possible injury, performance decline or loss of interest in the sport. 

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