PODCAST: Overcoming Mobility, Stability, and Motor Control Challenges in Your Workouts

5k mobility running form Apr 18, 2023

With running season upon us, it's important to approach training with caution to avoid injuries and burnout. And as we get excited about warmer weather, it’s easy to try to ramp up our training too quickly. Maybe we haven’t been as active over the winter, and our muscles and tendons and ligaments have not caught up with our enthusiasm for running, so our heart says run, run, run… and our body is saying, woah… wait a minute. Let me catch up. 

That's why I’m talking with Dr. Eoin Everard, a chartered physiotherapist with a PhD in Biomechanics.  He’ll share his expertise on injury prevention and recovery strategies.

As an international runner himself, Dr. Everard understands the importance of mobility, stability, and motor control exercises in improving running technique and preventing injuries. He's also the founder of the BackAware Belt, an innovative piece of equipment that provides users with instant feedback on their back positions.  In his spare time he is an international runner who is the current Over 35s European Champion, a sub 4 minute miler and sub14 minutes for the 5k.

During our conversation, we'll also discuss the impact of the first hour of the morning on spine health and Dr. Everard will share tips on alleviating disc pain. So grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee, sit back, and get ready to learn valuable insights and tips to take your fitness game to the next level.



Four Take Aways from the Episode:

  1. Incorporate variety into your workouts - including sports pilates or yoga - to supplement key workouts and prevent injuries.
  2. Avoid intense workouts too often and focus on longer recovery to promote improved performance. (Keep your easy runs easy and the hard runs hard. Include plenty of time for recovery)
  3. Proper mobility, stability, and motor control techniques will help improve your running technique. 
  4. Gradually increase intensity and distance over time. Avoid big leaps, and include recovery between intense efforts.

You won't want to miss:

[00:11:13] Training should focus on aerobic activity and avoid overexertion. Incorporating two workouts per week and varying activities, such as cycling or strength training, can lead to better results.

[00:17:20] Three reasons for difficulty with certain exercises: mobility issues, muscle activation, and motor control (technique). Solution: do exercises or stretches to address mobility, activate muscles, and practice proper technique through motor control exercises or drills.

[00:20:38] Focus on building a strong foundation for efficient running and let your body adapt to stress. Don't get too caught up in small details like cadence without consistency in training.

[00:22:17] Improve running without altering stride, work on mobility and core, do hill repeats.

[00:23:32] Take care of your spine in the first hour of the morning to reduce the risk of disc pain, sciatica and pins and needles down your leg. Strengthen your hips and glutes and use a back wear belt to maintain a natural arch of the back.

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