PODCAST: Escape a Life of Average with Marnye Moore

Marnye found herself living a comfortable but unfulfilling life in a corporate job with a good salary, car, and house. Feeling trapped and bored, she decided to seek change and hired a coach to help her find a way out. Through a lot of effort and mindset shifts, she eventually found the courage to break free from the status quo and pursue her passion for something new.

Marnye Moore's story is a testament to the power of taking risks and challenging oneself to create a more fulfilling life, and you can listen now on Power Up Your Performance.



On this episode of Power Up Your Performance, we delve into the idea of letting go of the past and starting a new chapter in life regardless of age or situation. Marnye shares her personal experience of leaving a corporate job, despite having a good salary and comfortable life, finding something new at the age of 50.

Some key topics from the episode:

  • Starting today to become the person you want to be tomorrow
  • Admitting to past mistakes and starting something new
  • Building confidence and addressing shortcomings in relationships
  • Pursuing new experiences and personal growth
  • Shifting mindset and manifesting success
  • Identifying and dealing with obstacles to progress
  • Letting go of things that no longer work and reframing situations 

Timestamps of moments you'll want to catch:

[00:05:25] There's no right or wrong time to start something new; it's when you feel inspired to take the action. The perfect time is when you take the leap of faith and move forward, even if it's not perfect. Mistakes are opportunities for learning.

[00:08:14] Manifesting begins with creating a fantasy, turning it into a real possibility, and seeing opportunities around it. It starts in your mind and imagination, and you must believe in yourself and have faith. Creating a vision board on Pinterest or making a list of inspiring things can help. Fate and destiny won't come knocking; you must go get them yourself. Women should learn to receive what they want and say thank you, starting with small things.

[00:15:40] Start where you are, focus on what you want, and don't worry about what others are doing. Pursue your goals step by step, and the journey will lead you to new experiences and opportunities. Read books to learn and find a better way. Begin with one small action that will move you towards your goal.

[00:31:00] Identifying and confronting personal obstacles to progress is essential; reframing problems and taking the first step can lead to growth and new experiences.

[00:33:27] Disclose your problems and face them to move forward and change your life. Let go of the old and tackle areas where you lack confidence.

[00:35:37] Letting go of something that isn't working takes time and courage, but it's necessary. Learn from the experience and move on without seeking validation or repeating the same mistakes. It's difficult, but necessary for personal growth.


Episode Q&A:

Question: What mindset do successful people have in common?
Answer: Successful people do the things others don't want to do in order to achieve their goals. 

Question: What are some practical ways to clear the mind and manifest the life we want to live?
Answer: Meditation can help clear the mind and allow for inspiration and imagination to flow, helping to manifest the life we want to live.

Question: What are some important factors to consider in building a strong relationship?
Answer: Rather than focusing on superficial qualities, it is important to look for someone who complements and supports one's own qualities and interests. Shared experiences and activities are better than just asking each other questions. Communication and asking each other's preferences and dislikes are important in building a strong relationship. 
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