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Coach Kim Peek believes that the words we tell ourselves matter. What we believe becomes our truth, and that story dictates our behavior, health, performance and success. See below to listen to some of Kim's podcast episodes on the topic of mindset.

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Mindset Shifts to Help You Rise

There are so many things that we resist -  or that we accept as truth - just because things have always been done a certain way. This week I'm addressing 12 mindset shifts that will help you improve  your performance in life, at work and as an athlete. These simple life hacks will help you look at situations differently, feel more energetic and face your day with more optimism.




20 Seconds of Extreme Courage

In this episode, we talk about finding the courage to get out of our comfort zone without worrying about what others think. You ARE enough just the way you are. You are enough because there is only one of you, unique, with ideas and experiences and insight that no one else has. You are enough because you are following your own dreams and don't need the approval of parents, neighbors, classmates or that guy in the cubicle next to you. 


Ditch Negative Self Talk and Create a Dream Life

The words we tell ourselves are so powerful that they become part of our identity. We call ourselves "fat" or "lazy" or a "failure" or "unreliable" or "slow" so often that we believe it. In this episode, we talk about setting intentions, the words we use to frame our reality, why willpower doesn't work, how to set ourselves up for success, and some ideas for how to "fake it til you make it." 



It's Not the Goal, But Who You Become

How are you doing with all those New Year’s Resolutions you made back in January? Did you accomplish anything you set out to? Are you still working on them? Are any of the things you set as goals even important to you right now? In this episode, I talk about setting goals, missing the mark... and I suggest that the real value of a goal might be who you become in the process. Crossing the finish line in a race isn't nearly as important as the way you change, physically and mentally while working toward that goal. 


Training for Life (Not Fitness or Your Next PR)

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to achieve—whether you’re training for a marathon, trying to get that promotion at work, working on getting your first paid acting job, or just needing to finish a report at work so you can go home and enjoy the weekend…

You must train for success. You don’t always need to put in more hours or hustle harder to land that promotion or take your career or fitness to the next level. Training for life is all about making smart choices that will energize your body so you can perform your best. 


Is Optimism a Voodoo Trick? How to Cultivate It.

If you are not a glass-half-full type of person, you might think optimism is some voodoo trick that only people who believe in the whooo whooo "out there" things in life believe. But, I’m going to talk about optimism as a strategy for success. It’s another one of those free things that can make a huge difference in our lives, and I’ll give you some tips for cultivating optimism in your own life.



Do You Know This Mindset Shift That Will Help You Rise?

We are taught that we need to have this massive amount of determination and willpower to succeed in tough times. But he truth about grit is that it works only works for short periods of time. And, when grit fails us, we get down on ourselves, thinking we aren't tough enough, or that we've failed again. 


You're an Overcomer: Why You Need Optimism

You are stronger than you think. You are resilient. And you will get through this. You know I love to talk about optimism. Does it really matter? And how can it help us, especially in challenging times? Find out why you need optimism!


Lessons We Can Learn From the Super Bowl Bound Kansas City Chiefs

I'm in awe of the Kansas City Chiefs and all the incredible life lessons they keep throwing our way! As I watched the AFC Championship game, and the post-game interviews, I took notes because there was so much goodness, and I knew I needed to share my observations. We can learn a lot from the Chiefs, and in this episode, I'm sharing seven life lessons I picked up on over the last 48 hours. 

If you missed it, you might also love last week's episode where I talked about lessons from the speech Patrick Mahomes gave on the sidelines when they were down.


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Coach Kim believes that there is no age limit on dreams. You're never too old for a new challenge. You're not too old, too slow or too out of shape for a new adventure. And anything is possible when you believe in yourself. 

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