A Responsive Approach to Endurance Training

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What is Responsive Endurance Training?

Responsive endurance training (RET) means taking an intuitive, holistic, self-study approach to your training, racing, and life. Responsive endurance training respects that each body is different. Rather than attempting to apply one-size-fits-all formulas or rules for building athleticism, this method is about taking a scientific approach by testing concepts on yourself, recording them in your training journal, and studying results. 

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A Self-Study Mindset

Responsive Endurance Training is a commitment to observe and listen to your body so you can thrive.

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Nutrition and Fueling for Energy

For optimal health, peak brain function, and maximum athletic performance, our bodies need nutrient-dense, real foods.

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Building a Stronger Body

Rest, recovery, strength, mobility. These "little things" are foundational, not optional, and will help you perform your best.

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Mindset and Community

Our thoughts are powerful. And the people, places, and things we surround ourselves contribute to our success.

Here's What People Are Saying:

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As an athlete, a trainer, and a chiropractor, I run new fitness and endurance publications through a tremendously fine filter. This book, beautifully laid out, well-researched, and charmingly written, provides a truly holistic view of training for any endurance athlete. With a focus on results, Kim Peek has unlocked an optimizing approach that should be read by all athletes, not just those of the endurance persuasion. 

Heather Denniston, DC,
CCWP, NASM, Creator of WELLFITandFED, and author of The Three Day Reset.

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I now have TWO fitness journals!! One for my on-the-water workouts that I've kept for almost a year thanks to Kim's prompting, blog posts and FB posts about fitness journaling. It really helped me improve last spring. And now I have a separate one for my land workouts and weight training too. It has been a nearly 4-year journey for me, from an anxious IBD mom who desperately needed a stress release outlet but was scared of the gym to a competitive athlete! Knowing Kim and seeing her example of getting fit and staying fit even through some BIG physical challenges was one of the tiny seeds that led me to finally go to the gym.

age 52, athlete and rower

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I am honored to be a source of information and inspiration about efficient running for Kim and thousands of other runners around the world based on my book Natural Running. I am especially proud of Kim, to have taken the time to make positive changes in her life and now share her experiences to inspire others to do so with her book. Just read the book and start the process. It's not as hard as you think!

Danny Abshire, Author - Natural Running, Active 88 Footwear, Active 88 Imprints Insoles

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