PODCAST EPISODE 167: Creating Confidence from the Inside Out with Janelle Anderson

podcast success mindset Feb 01, 2022

Janelle Anderson is a speaker, author, and confidence coach for women entrepreneurs helping them to own their expertise, monetize their message and attract more clients. With her powerful confidence-building formula, women are able to conquer the impostor within and speak up with confidence and clarity and make their brand stand out in the marketplace. Janelle is the creator of Fearless Confidence Formula, her signature course focuses on messaging and speaking with confidence, and the Fearless Women Mastermind program. Her new book, Take Center Stage: Be the Star of Your Own Story, released in February 2022.

 A taste of our conversation:


Kim: What are some of the common kinds of things that people encounter or that are causing people from being confident? 

Janelle: The top challenge that I see is that women are so concerned about what other people think of them.

They feel like they need to measure up to somebody else's standard or they're worried about how...

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PODCAST EPISODE 166: Make Your New Year's Dreams a Reality with Jessica Michelle Singleton

dreams podcast Jan 25, 2022

How do you create your dream life? Can tough times provide fuel to help you find your passion? I talked Jessica Michelle Singleton about how she got to where she is today - and how her comedy promotes healing.

Jessica has been a force in the comedy world for the past half a decade. She was most recently seen in the Showtime docuseries, "The Comedy Store" about the world famous club on Sunset Blvd where comedians like Robin Williams, David Letterman, and Richard Pryor got their starts.

Her second comedy album, "Horny for Death" just debuted at #1 on iTunes and Amazon, making this her second #1 album. She's raw and hilarious. Her honest stream-of-consciousness style of delivery keeps audiences cracking up while feeling seen for all the normal human "flaws" we tend to run from.


A preview of our conversation:

Kim: I love this thing that you're doing because it's kind of a topic that I've been big on lately, which is: creating your own place at the table.



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PODCAST EPISODE 165: Supersized Lies: Myths About Weight Loss and the Diet Industry

nutrition podcast Jan 23, 2022

The world would have you believe that losing weight is easy, but the truth is, in many cases, you’re being fed a generous helping of falsehoods and misguided dieting advice.

The media, celebrities, weight-loss gurus, and the Internet bombard society with recommendations about how to shed unwanted pounds: Count calories, cut carbs, exercise more, skip meals, drink more water, pop a pill. Yet as more people try diligently to follow this advice, waistlines continue to expand.

Robert J. Davis, PhD, also known as The Healthy Skeptic, is an award-winning health journalist whose work has appeared on TIME, CNN, PBS, WebMD, and in The Wall Street Journal. The author of three previous books on health, he hosts the “Healthy Skeptic” video series, which dissects the science behind popular health claims. Davis holds an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, a master’s degree in public health from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health, and a PhD...

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PODCAST EPISODE 164. Practical Advice on Eliminating Pain Without Medication or Surgeries


Pain serves a purpose. It pinpoints where our limits lie. It helps us grow stronger and more resilient. But sometimes it overstays its welcome, interfering with our quality of life.

While medication, surgeries, and other invasive treatments are all options on the table, sometimes the solution to controlling and eliminating pain lies in understanding the human body – i.e., where the buttons are and create balance or alignment using non-invasive techniques.

In this episode, I’m joined by Chris Kidawski, who is the founder and CEO of Influential Health Solutions. Chris goes by many titles that he has picked up over the last two decades working in the wellness and fitness industry. He is a speaker, an author with more than 7 books to his name, and a coach.

As he reiterates throughout our conversation, Chris is big on helping people from all walks of life heal from the inside out. He achieves this noble quest courtesy of a client-centered practice geared towards manipulating...

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PODCAST EPISODE 163. Working Through Mental Struggles that Rob Athletes of Success


The mental side of the game is a skill and can be learned and practiced just like any other aspect of softball, soccer, volleyball, or any other competitive sport. Coach Jennifer Siess Gansner believes that when we define our experience, we can know it, name it, own it, and change it. 

As the founder of Mine to Define coaching, Coach Jenn helps competitive, athletic girls take charge of their performance, break down defining moments, create personalized strategies, and level up to win at sports and in life.


What We Talked About:

 What is the Mine to Define Framework?

We're born with some gifts, but we all have the ability to improve anything we want to with practice and work. The framework includes three pillars: Optimum Ownership, Growth Mindset, and Courageous Confidence.

What is Courageous Confidence?

It's having the courage to believe in yourself when you don't know what the outcome's going to be. 

Can you share an example of how this might work with a...

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PODCAST EPISODE 161: The Importance of Resistance Training for Women Over 50 with Mike Pullano

aging menopause podcast Nov 17, 2021

According to Mike Pullano, our podcast guest today, resistance training might be an aging girl’s best friend. The Chief Product Officer at ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) recommends resistance training as a key part of aging gracefully—and for good reasons. Mikes insists that resistance training is a fundamental part of health. It is arguably the first line of defense against muscle loss. Strength training also builds resilience, reduces your physical vulnerability to injury, helps ease the management of chronic conditions, boosts your cognitive health, and even impacts gene expression to reverse the progression of aging. 


A Few Takeaways from Our Interview: 

This discussion covers a wide range of topics surrounding the use of machine-driven resistance to create an adaptive resistance training program to help optimize the physical and mental benefits of...

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PODCAST EPISODE 160. Emotional Eating During the Holidays: What You Need to Know with Cassie Christopher

nutrition podcast Nov 15, 2021

I thought this would be a helpful topic to cover as we head into the holiday season. Somehow, as a society, we've worked ourselves into a place where there can be a lot of shame and guilt around holiday eating. Magazines and fitness experts will blow up your social media feeds the next two months, with all kinds of "rules" around eating... how to plan for that stuffing or pumpkin pie, how to starve yourself all day so you can go to that work cocktail party, how many burpees you need to do to "work off" the holiday cookies you ate in the breakroom. 

It's no wonder we have so much confusion over nutrition, diet, exercise... as well as a stigma around larger bodies and a skewed idea of what beautiful means.

Today's guest wants you to know that all the emotions and confusion you feel around eating are not your fault. We've been fed so much garbage about what to think and believe, it's hard to sort through it all.

Cassie Christopher is going to set you straight, and hopefully,...

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PODCAST EPISODE 162: How to Achieve Your Health Goals Even if You Have an Incredibly Busy Schedule with Amanda Jane

empowerment habits podcast Nov 10, 2021

How do you find time from the hustle and bustle of modern life to work on your mental and physical health? We all know that health and fitness are crucial for our longevity and overall well-being. But scraping a few minutes from our increasingly fast-paced and chaotic world to focus on ourselves is a whole ‘nother hurdle—which is why I welcomed Amanda Jane to our podcast today.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach and Group Fitness Instructor living in the busiest city in the world (i.e., Brooklyn, New York), Amanda has a few nuggets of wisdom to share with anyone looking to manage life and maintain optimal health without compromising on either.


A Few Topics we Covered:

Mindset is Key – First Believe, Then Achieve!

Amanda: If we're not in the right state of mind, then essentially, we can't really achieve any of our goals…a lot of people have limited beliefs going on in their...

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PODCAST EPISODE 159: Super-Charging Your Energy Beyond 40 with Melissa Gunn

habits nutrition podcast Nov 01, 2021

No one stays as animated in their 40s+ as they were in their childhood or youth. But getting older doesn’t automatically banish you to a life of less vigor and energy. Sometimes all it takes to crank up your steam are lifestyle changes.  

Melissa Gunn joins me in today’s episode to share her tips on how men and women can invigorate their energy levels past the 40 mark. She is the founder and CEO of Pure Strength LA, a Certified SuperSlow Specialist, and a fitness and nutrition coach with decades of experience in helping people rejuvenate their health and achieve optimal well-being.  


Snippets from Our Conversation: 

We talked about what it takes to supercharge your energy after 40. As she puts it, “It really comes down to exercise, strength training, moving every day, eating nutritious (not processed) foods, cutting down on the sugar,...

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PODCAST EPISODE 158: Forging a New Path from Broken to Beautiful with Marie Gould

empowerment podcast purpose Oct 25, 2021

This week's podcast guest knows all about forging a new path and finding happiness and success. At a young age, Marie Gould found herself with a gaping hole in her heart. Her journey to mend her brokenness took her to all the wrong places, and at times she feared she would never find what she longed for as she continued to make decisions that made her life challenging.

In the introduction to her book, "Love Thirst: a Spiritual Journey from Broken to Beautiful,"  Marie says, "My story is not about anything extraordinary other than the fact that from the time I was young, I needed a lot of love and kept looking for it in the craziest places. I was like everyone, desiring to be loved. So I looked for a lot of it, plain and simple."

Marie is a hairstylist, mother, grandmother, author, and speaker who hopes to encourage others with a longing to heal their own broken, hole-riddled hearts.



What we talked about:

I grew up with Marie, and we had not talked to...

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