PODCAST EPISODE 156: How to Build a Beautiful Life with Emma Ehrenzeller

empowerment podcast Oct 05, 2021

You are worth building a beautiful life beyond just what you do day in and day out…Invest in yourself and your happiness…Do what genuinely makes you feel your best, routinely.”—Emma Ehrenzeller. 

Life is beautiful, but only if you tune your inner lenses to see it as such! You have a choice to either create the happy and purposeful life of your dreams or give in to the barrage of everyday pressures. It all comes down to the mindset you nurture.  

Emma Ehrenzeller is a life coach and the founder of Authenticity Remastered (aka. AuRem), which is a coaching program that offers “the strategy & structure to accelerate (or simply start) your personal growth journey.” She helps people work through negative self-talk, fear of uncertainty, and other internal conflicts that hold so many people back.  

In our conversation, we delve into a wide range of transformative topics—including body positivity, dealing with failure, self-care, breaking free from the need for external validation, meditation, journaling, and more. 


We Talked About:  

Body Positivity 

Kim: I saw on your Instagram that you have an entertaining take on catching your reflection at the end of a workout. 

Emma: I caught my reflection in a window [after yoga class] and I saw my “FUPA” … my initial thought was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I didn't realize I looked like that without my compression’.  But I caught that thought and I said, ‘do I actually believe that having fat in my lower stomach is a bad thing’? No, not at all. I've just been conditioned to think that it is. 

Kim: I think it's a great time to bring awareness to this idea that you can love yourself no matter how you look—and that mindset work is so important. 


Emma’s Journey to Life Coaching 

Emma: I love talking with people. I love helping them understand their self-worth and themselves—and be able to boost that so that they can handle what's going to inevitably happen in life from a place of strength and more grace with themselves. So, it has been a long journey, but it's been a lot of fun and it’s very, very gratifying. 


What is Your Take on Failure? 

Emma: Even if it leads you to places that aren't successful, integrity is always kind of that beacon to what's the next best step for you. 


Social Media and External Validation 

Emma: External validation is very hard. 

Kim: And that goes back to social media. Everybody is worried about, “I didn't get enough likes.” And “what does that say about me?” Well, it really does not say anything about you. 

Emma: Social media is a beautiful tool that can connect us—especially during COVID. But it's one that needs some boundaries around. 


What is Self-Care? What Does it Involve? 

Kim: We were talking earlier about how self-care is not all bubble baths, facials, and candlelight. Tell us a little bit about what self-care means to you. 

Emma: I see self-Care in two parts. The first being understanding what you need to feel like you can live as your best self; as your highest self; as the person you want to be that given day. The other part is about investing in yourself. 


Emma’s Take on Meditation  

Kim: Talk to us about meditation because I know that there are lots of people, myself included, who understand the benefits in theory but never make the time. So, why is it important? And how can we start taking those baby steps? 

Emma: I teach meditation from a more liberal viewpoint. It’s anything that stills my soul… when I teach my meditation courses; when I work with my clients, I give them a gamut of things to explore. 


The Grounding Power of Journaling 

Kim: How does journaling fit into self-care? And how do you recommend people go about doing it without it becoming this long-drawn-out thing that they dread?  

Emma: Journaling is this beautiful exploratory tool that we all can use at any time. It grounds things; it doesn't let them keep floating around in our minds like a cloud or like this continual storm. It builds some roots and lets new things grow.  

Kim: I think that that's really powerful because you can start to see connections that you didn't know were there until you started to write things down. 


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