PODCAST EPISODE 157: How Creativity, Compassion and Collaboration Will Super-Charge Your Business with Izolda T.


There’s a creative genius in you; in all of us! This is a remark shared by Izolda Trakhtenberg, this week's guest on Power Up Your Performance. Izolda T. is a speaker, author, podcast host, and innovator who leverages her years of experience as a NASA Master Trainer to help businesses tap and supercharge innovation in their workforce. Her message is all about empowering individuals and promoting collaboration as a way to solve problems at the personal, organizational, and global levels.

What We Explored:

We went over several topics revolving around communication, nurturing creativity, why collaboration is key (and how to go about it), creating a culture of innovation based on Izolda’s “3 Cs of Changing the World,” and more. It’s a conversation with a thing or two for parents, teachers, team leaders, and anyone in the workforce.


Working with NASA

Izolda: I worked for a program called GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment). It's a partnership between scientists, students, and teachers—where scientists come up with different scientific experiments to know more about the earth.


The Innate Creative Genius in You

Izolda: An innovator is someone with a purpose, who is going to think creatively to come up with a solution to a problem that needs solving. It takes creative thinking, ingenuity, and collaboration.

Kim: Whether you’re in business or not, everybody has the potential to be an innovator.

Izolda: We all have our innate creative genius. We all have ingenuity. We all come up with unique solutions to problems.


The 3Cs of Changing the World

Izolda: The 3 Cs (creativity, compassion, and collaboration) are sort of sacred to me…they are key to innovation, and how to solve so many of the problems we have in the world today.


Finding Your Role

Izolda: First thing I say to someone who says, “I'm not creative” is I'll ask them, “Do you doodle?” If you doodle, you're creative… If you feel like you're not a good communicator, don't try to communicate; first, breathe. Second, listen. Third, ask questions based on what you hear…Also, give yourself a role and make it the lens through which you communicate.


Nurturing a Culture of Creativity in Our Education System and Workplace

Izolda: There are some really fascinating things that teachers can do to help kids be creative in ways that will help and enrich everyone's experience. Interactivity in school is, to me, one of the most important things. The more kids can collaborate, the more they can create.

Izolda: The same thing can happen in companies, some people have these gifts that we don't know about. And if we give them the opportunity to highlight those gifts, then we can then work together in a way that that they thrive, but also that they bring benefit to the entire organization.


Making the Workplace More Enjoyable

Izolda: Communication first starts with listening and finding out what they [management and team] need and what they want…the other thing is getting to know their “No.” What don’t they want?


Protecting Mother Nature

Izolda: Increase your awareness of your role in this huge system that is the earth system because we all have a role to play.

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