It's Time to Go From Couch to Active!

podcast Sep 04, 2018

Today is book release day for COUCH to ACTIVE. You heard from the author, Lyn Lindbergh, on episode 3 of the podcast. She's back again to pick up where we left off and help us learn how to live a life we love. 

Did you know that only 21% of us get the amount of weekly exercise recommended by the CDC?  Lyn says that we all know that exercise is good for our health, but it's easy to feel like getting consistent exercise is impossible. Lyn knows that it takes more than grit and willpower, so COUCH to ACTIVE walks readers through an 8 week process that will help even the most exercise-resistant person get off the couch and get moving. 

She starts with a pledge that I love (and asked her to recite on the podcast):


My body needs exercise.

My body will always need exercise.

That will never change.

It's not negotiable--it's science.


If you're not already an exerciser, I'd love to know what you think about this pledge. I think it's a powerful way to frame exercise as a priority. We are built to move, and if we stop moving, we feel the effects: muscle stiffness, decreased range of motion, loss of balance, lack of energy, feeling lethargic or feeling anxious or sad, and many other "blah" feelings I didn't list.

I find Lyn's approach to be a refreshing change of pace. This isn't another program that will make you feel bad about where you are; nor is it a program that helps you get your bikini body. Lyn helps her clients and readers do the hard mental work so they can find a lifestyle they love and develop habits and routines that they will enjoy sticking with for the long term.

Lyn is the type of fitness guru the world has needed for a long time. She understands we need to be kind to ourselves, that we need patience, and that we need to pace ourselves for lifetime results. No powders and potions or marathon HIIT sessions. She knows that if we feel deprived or punished, we won't stick with the behaviors, and will see limited success. 

The first step is accepting that you are human and that your body needs exercise. Lynn will guide you through the remaining steps... and she touches on them in the podcast. 

 You can get more of Lyn's tips on this episode of the podcast, available on iTunes, Sound Cloud, Spotify or Google Play, or listen by clicking on the player below:


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