How to Thrive, Even When it Feels Like Your World is Crashing Down Around You

podcast Oct 09, 2018

I was going through the notes on my phone the other day, and came across something I wanted to share on the podcast. I started relying heavily on my calendar, my phone's notepad and paper notes while I was going through chemo, and occasionally, I will run across a note I wrote to myself. For those of you who haven't experienced it, chemo brain is real. It’s like brain fog, except 100X worse—and can last months and years beyond treatment. It can affect your ability to organize thoughts and to remember things (like names of people you've known your entire life!). It's like constantly having that feeling where you walk into a room and can't remember what you came in for.

Back to the note I wrote to myself. It said...

Everyone mentions that I have this amazing, strong attitude. And, maybe I do. But more than being strong, it’s that I decided that cancer is not going to steal a single day of my life.  I caught myself telling a friend that by the time this is...

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Think Before You Pink - And Other Things to Consider In the Month of Pink

podcast Oct 02, 2018

I have to admit: I can get a bit overwhelmed with the flood of pink on social media, and all over town, as the calendar flips to October. I’m still a rookie. It’s only my third year looking at breast cancer awareness month through the lens of someone who has had breast cancer. While I wouldn't consider myself cynical in nature, I am very aware that too many businesses take advantage of our emotions and try to capitalize on this disease. 

Everyone has been touched by cancer or breast cancer. Whether it's ourselves, a relative, or a friend, we all know someone who has battled cancer, making this a highly personal, and emotional, disease. Everywhere you look, there are pink products to buy. Some claim to donate money to the cause, while others are for the pure profit of the manufacturer or business.

Some breast cancer activists are anti-pink, anti-ribbon, against the tata talk, and want you only look at research and prevention, claiming education...

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Why Your Boss Wants You to Exercise on Company Time

fit at work podcast Sep 25, 2018

The average person in the U.S. does not get the amount of weekly exercise recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. The minimum recommendation is 2 ½ hours of moderate intensity exercise a week – and two days of strength training a week for all major muscle groups.

That’s just 30 minutes, five times a week for the moderate intensity exercise, which could include walking. So, why is it so hard to fit this exercise into our day? We all know that exercise is good for us, and most people acknowledge its importance. When I hear people talking about why they don’t exercise, lack of time is usually one of the first reasons they mention. And, I get that. We have work, and kids and relationships, and chores, and we need time to just chill... and catch up on our favorite Netflix series.

Even if your boss hasn't said they want you to exercise on company time, I'm thinking you can make a good case for it after listening to this podcast. There are so many benefits...

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Inspiring Runners Who Radiate Joy, Give Back and Never Give Up

podcast Sep 11, 2018

This week, I talked with Jen Carlson Maloney and Shari Ashley, two runners who represent the energy, commitment and drive found at the back of the pack. Jen and Shari are both involved in their local running communities...mentoring, volunteering, cheering and raising funds for worthy causes...showing us that you don't need to consistently place in your age group, or qualify for elite races to make a difference.

We don't often hear about the trials and triumphs of those who are not the elite or fastest, but we could all learn a lot about life and running by listening to the stories of those who run because it brings them joy.

Even if you're not a runner, I hope you will see that anything is possible, and I hope you'll listen to their stories and think about how you can find the same passion and joy in your own activities.

You can catch Jen at the beginning of the podcast and Shari starting at 26:45.

Find the podcast on iTunes by searching Power Up Your Performance, or listen on...

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It's Time to Go From Couch to Active!

podcast Sep 04, 2018

Today is book release day for COUCH to ACTIVE. You heard from the author, Lyn Lindbergh, on episode 3 of the podcast. She's back again to pick up where we left off and help us learn how to live a life we love. 

Did you know that only 21% of us get the amount of weekly exercise recommended by the CDC?  Lyn says that we all know that exercise is good for our health, but it's easy to feel like getting consistent exercise is impossible. Lyn knows that it takes more than grit and willpower, so COUCH to ACTIVE walks readers through an 8 week process that will help even the most exercise-resistant person get off the couch and get moving. 

She starts with a pledge that I love (and asked her to recite on the podcast):


My body needs exercise.

My body will always need exercise.

That will never change.

It's not negotiable--it's science.


If you're not already an exerciser, I'd love to know what you think about this pledge. I think it's a powerful way to frame...

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Find the Confidence and Courage to Stand Up to Queen Bees

podcast Aug 28, 2018

Ladies, it's time we put a stop to the mean girl culture in schools, in life and at work. There is enough love, joy, success and friendship for all of us. We don't need to backstab and pit our friends against each other.

This has been on my mind, so I wanted to do a podcast about back to school, queen bees, and what we can do as parents and coaches and leaders to help girls stand up to the mean girls. Where do the mean girls get their power? Why don't the other girls in that crowd stand up to the Queen Bee? And, how can we get our girls to do the right thing?

I don't have all the answers. I opened up my computer and started recording as I got a bit wound up on this topic. I would love it if you would take a listen and share your own thoughts related to the problem and potential solutions.

As I drove to school today, I watched a driver stop so that a girl could cross the street. Traffic was backed up in all directions, everyone focused on getting into the parking lot and onto their...

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Getting Fit to Find Herself: Missy Boser's Fitness Journey

podcast Aug 21, 2018

This week, I interviewed Missy Boser, the blogger behind Getting Fit to Find Myself. In February 2012, she committed to a lifestyle change that included changing how and what she ate, as well as adding fitness to her life. She says she didn’t feel like the true transformation came until she added running to her routine. Since we both love running we took the opportunity to geek out a bit about running. If you’ve never understood why people run, maybe this will help you see what we see. And, if you've ever worried about being a "slow" runner, I hope our discussion puts you at ease.

We also talked about her winter running accident  that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, and how that has influenced her thinking about fitness. Missy blogs about her anxiety, so we also took a few minutes to talk about mental health. And, we talked about how crippling perfectionism can be, and why it’s important to focus on just one thing at a time (no total life...

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The Perfection Detox: How to Ditch Perfectionism and Lead a Productive and Joyful Life

podcast Aug 14, 2018

 I can't even tell you how excited I was to interview Petra Kolber! I met Petra in San Diego this summer at the IDEA World fitness convention. She spoke to our Blogfest group prior to the release of her new book, The Perfection Detox. I thought her insights were important and I wanted to make sure my tribe heard about Petra, her book and her message.

If you have ever suffered from imposter syndrome, or thought you weren't enough, or didn't share your work with the world because it wasn't yet "good enough," or you are constantly picking on yourself or disappointed in yourself, or afraid to push yourself because you don't want to fail... or you worry about what other people are going to think when you "mess up," then this, my friend, is an episode you must listen to!

 We talked about how to know if perfectionism is a problem in your life, how social media has made this more challenging, when perfectionism is a good thing, how to overcome toxic perfectionism, her cancer wake...

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No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Success

podcast Aug 07, 2018

I was so excited to get to talk to Dr. Michelle Segar for this episode of the podcast. I heard about Michelle's work last year when I began researching the science of exercise motivation in an effort to figure out what went wrong when a bunch of my half marathoners quit their training program after getting that horrible flu, and getting caught up in the stress of the winter and holiday seasons.  I had never had this happen before, but it turns out, this phenomenon is fairly common. 

Dr. Segar's work kept popping up as I dug into the research, and I had an opportunity to hear her speak in person at the IDEA World fitness convention in San Diego this summer. Her book, No Sweat, is incredible, and her presentation at the conference included some new graphics and analogies that really hit home. 

As you know, I am passionate about the benefits of exercise because movement can transform lives. So I'm always intrigued when I can talk to someone who has spent an entire career...

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5 Tips to Defy Aging, Feel More Energetic, Move Better and Keep Up with Your Younger Friends and Coworkers

podcast Jul 31, 2018

It seems like this has been the summer of aches and pains. Wherever I go, I wind up getting into a conversation with someone who is complaining about achy knees, or lack of energy, or who is just not feeling as young and vibrant as they used to. It's a normal part of getting older, but I don't know many people 40-50+ who are ready to sit back and watch as life goes on around them.

I love this quote by Cassidy Phillips, the founder and CEO of Trigger Point Performance:

"What you tolerate, you accept--and you don't have to tolerate poor biomechanics or getting older."

Can I get an AMEN!?

It was this train of thought that led me to create this week's podcast. Yes, there are things you can do to change your appearance that cost money... hair dye, Botox, cosmetic surgeries.... but I'm not talking about these things. I wanted to touch on some everyday things we can all do that will make us FEEL and MOVE better.

Aging is a function of lifestyle, and there are SO MANY things we can do to...

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