Getting Fit to Find Herself: Missy Boser's Fitness Journey

podcast Aug 21, 2018

This week, I interviewed Missy Boser, the blogger behind Getting Fit to Find Myself. In February 2012, she committed to a lifestyle change that included changing how and what she ate, as well as adding fitness to her life. She says she didn’t feel like the true transformation came until she added running to her routine. Since we both love running we took the opportunity to geek out a bit about running. If you’ve never understood why people run, maybe this will help you see what we see. And, if you've ever worried about being a "slow" runner, I hope our discussion puts you at ease.

We also talked about her winter running accident  that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, and how that has influenced her thinking about fitness. Missy blogs about her anxiety, so we also took a few minutes to talk about mental health. And, we talked about how crippling perfectionism can be, and why it’s important to focus on just one thing at a time (no total life...

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The Perfection Detox: How to Ditch Perfectionism and Lead a Productive and Joyful Life

podcast Aug 14, 2018

 I can't even tell you how excited I was to interview Petra Kolber! I met Petra in San Diego this summer at the IDEA World fitness convention. She spoke to our Blogfest group prior to the release of her new book, The Perfection Detox. I thought her insights were important and I wanted to make sure my tribe heard about Petra, her book and her message.

If you have ever suffered from imposter syndrome, or thought you weren't enough, or didn't share your work with the world because it wasn't yet "good enough," or you are constantly picking on yourself or disappointed in yourself, or afraid to push yourself because you don't want to fail... or you worry about what other people are going to think when you "mess up," then this, my friend, is an episode you must listen to!

 We talked about how to know if perfectionism is a problem in your life, how social media has made this more challenging, when perfectionism is a good thing, how to overcome toxic perfectionism, her cancer wake...

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No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Success

podcast Aug 07, 2018

I was so excited to get to talk to Dr. Michelle Segar for this episode of the podcast. I heard about Michelle's work last year when I began researching the science of exercise motivation in an effort to figure out what went wrong when a bunch of my half marathoners quit their training program after getting that horrible flu, and getting caught up in the stress of the winter and holiday seasons.  I had never had this happen before, but it turns out, this phenomenon is fairly common. 

Dr. Segar's work kept popping up as I dug into the research, and I had an opportunity to hear her speak in person at the IDEA World fitness convention in San Diego this summer. Her book, No Sweat, is incredible, and her presentation at the conference included some new graphics and analogies that really hit home. 

As you know, I am passionate about the benefits of exercise because movement can transform lives. So I'm always intrigued when I can talk to someone who has spent an entire career...

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5 Tips to Defy Aging, Feel More Energetic, Move Better and Keep Up with Your Younger Friends and Coworkers

podcast Jul 31, 2018

It seems like this has been the summer of aches and pains. Wherever I go, I wind up getting into a conversation with someone who is complaining about achy knees, or lack of energy, or who is just not feeling as young and vibrant as they used to. It's a normal part of getting older, but I don't know many people 40-50+ who are ready to sit back and watch as life goes on around them.

I love this quote by Cassidy Phillips, the founder and CEO of Trigger Point Performance:

"What you tolerate, you accept--and you don't have to tolerate poor biomechanics or getting older."

Can I get an AMEN!?

It was this train of thought that led me to create this week's podcast. Yes, there are things you can do to change your appearance that cost money... hair dye, Botox, cosmetic surgeries.... but I'm not talking about these things. I wanted to touch on some everyday things we can all do that will make us FEEL and MOVE better.

Aging is a function of lifestyle, and there are SO MANY things we can do to...

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10 Tips for Getting Started and Prepping for Your First 5K

5k podcast Jul 25, 2018

Is this the year you'll finally run your first 5K? Maybe it's been a bucket list item for a while, or maybe someone near and dear to you has been begging you to get out for a run with them. No matter what your motivation is, I have ten tips to help you get started!

I did a full podcast about this, so you can also listen here!

  1. JUST DO IT! This one is as simple as making the decision. Stop thinking about it. Stop talking about "someday." Make the decision today, and then take the following actions.
  2. CHOOSE A RACE. If you are not already running, it will take you about 3-4 months to prepare. You can talk to the people at your local running store to find out what races are coming up, or search a database like Let's Do ThisRunning in the USA,, or (Active and Run Sign Up will only show the races that they host as the place the race director has chosen for people to register for a race.)
  3. GET A PLAN. You can download a free plan as part of my RUN YOUR FIRST...
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Getting to Know You! Let's Connect!

social media Feb 13, 2018

Do you ever feel like you need more people in your life who understand how much you love and need to run? Find your tribe in one of my free Power of Run groups! If you are interested in healthy lifestyle topics such as recipes, nutrition, stretching, warm ups, strength workouts, workouts you can do at home, thinking like a champion, positive thinking and tenacity, you might also like my other social media accounts, linked at the bottom of the page.

The Strength Challenge Group is about more than just keeping up on your strength exercises. Talk about your training, your upcoming races, or how your brother-in-law told you for the 93rd time that running is bad for your knees.

Booties and Burpees started with our December fitness challenge. It's a smaller group, where the majority of the members are women, where you can connect with other fitness-minded people. I post a weekend challenge workout there each Friday.

And if you're looking for inspiration for meals, there's Fresh...

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I felt a little like Jerry Maguire while writing this post

To wrap up the Booties and Burpees December challenge, I wrote a "see you later" email to the participants. I felt a little like Jerry Maguire writing his manifesto while doing it. (And now I really want to watch that movie again! Maybe over the holiday weekend while we sit around in our Christmas jammies?)

Here is an excerpt from the mini manifesto I wrote for my Booties and Burpees challengers:

In 2018, I want to help more people learn to think like champions. You don't need to be an elite athlete to benefit from this mentality. In fact, this has nothing to do with actual athletic ability. Thinking like a champion is a way of life, a way of thinking and behaving that leads to success. Champions believe in themselves, support those around them, and put their hearts into whatever they choose to pursue. 

The January Challenge is called "What's Your Word?" and it's the kick off for introducing this idea to my Power of Run page and social media channels (@powerofrun on Twitter,...

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Take Your @*$% Medicine! [and nine other tips for success in 2018]

prioritize top tips Dec 21, 2017

I have this little problem called "I keep forgetting to take my medicine in the morning," and as you might know, there's a tiny pill I need to take each morning if I want to improve the likelihood that my breast cancer won't come back. This is important, right?! I mean, I want to make sure I live long enough to see my kids all begin their careers, get married, have kids... I don't want to miss any of the milestones! Yet, I keep getting to the end of the day, realizing I was so busy that I never stopped long enough to swallow that pill.

Finally, I started setting an alert on my phone. I put "take your @*$% pill" in my calendar, and clicked the "alert" option so my phone would buzz and remind me mid-morning. But, I told myself I needed to take it one step further. I made a deal with myself that no matter what I was doing, I would stop and take my medicine right then and there. And that's more tricky than it sounds. Once I get going in the morning, whether it's playing...

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Get Out of the House with a Friend (and How that Relates to Running!)

first 5k training over 40 Dec 18, 2017

Get out of the house. Put your phone down. Go see a show. Go have dinner. Sit at a coffee shop and discuss a book. Whatever it is, get out among people and TALK. It is amazing what you will discover.

I went with my daughters to see a bunch of our musician friends perform over the weekend. It was a beautiful show. They all have a crazy amount of talent, so the fact that it was INCREDIBLE was no surprise. Witnessing the banter, and the smiles, it was clear the musicians enjoyed what they were doing. 

The afternoon would have been a success--even if taking two hours to relax and be inspired by our friends' gifts was all we accomplished. On the way in, and before the show, we chatted with several people we know who were in the audience. (Tip #1: it is good to get out into the world -away from your screen- and see and talk with your friends. It's good for us to interact with people face-to-face! And, you get a depth of conversation you don't get with texting and social...

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Stop Sabotaging Your Success: 10 Things You MUST Stop Doing

No matter who you are, or what your goal, you don't need to be an elite athlete to benefit from approaching life like a champion.

So you want to:

get in shape / lose weight / launch a new business / build a career / get cast on Broadway / just get through  your junior year of high school / excel at a new sport / save money for your dream vacation / pay cash for your dream retirement home ....

Whatever it is, we all have that thing we want to achieve or do. All too often, we are the ones standing in the way of our own success.  Without knowing it, we sabotage ourselves with thinking and habits that do not support our goals. 

Ten Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Success:

  1. Stop expecting immediate results. Understand everything is a process. Take the pressure off yourself, and instead, focus on being consistent. Focused, consistent effort over time will pay off.

  2. Stop saying, "I can't..." Eliminate the phrase from your vocabulary. Tell yourself, "Yes, I can!" I can stick...
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