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optimism Dec 14, 2017

We are coming into that new year's resolution time of year, and I've been thinking a lot about what it takes to be a high achiever. What is the secret sauce that separates those who believe in themselves and crush their goals from those who pout, complain, make excuses and talk bad about those who are doing the work?

Yeah, that might be harsh. But the haters usually fall into that second group too. 

But YOU. YOU are someone who has that fire, that dream, that goal you want to achieve. YOU are someone who will do the work! And, if you're not there yet... I'm going to teach you how!

In my virtual group run clubs, we dive deeper into these ideas (and more!), but here are some things to ponder as you wrap up the new year in merry style:

  • Be Grateful. No matter how bad things get, there is always something to be grateful for. When I was going through breast cancer treatment, a friend told me to take at least one picture a day, no matter how bad I felt. It was the best advice ever. For one, who wants to take a bunch of negative, grumpy, sad pictures? It forced me to find the good, even when I didn't feel like it. I love looking back on those memories and seeing that even in my darkest time, there were blessings all around me. 
  • Embrace Optimism. Our thoughts become our reality. Think like an athlete, a business owner, a Broadway star, a personal-record-crushing-athlete, a Boston-qualified-runner, a person who believes all things are possible, a person who believes she can overcome obstacles, a person who believes greatness is within reach... and do the work. Believing is the first step.
  • Focus on What IS Going Right. Think about your forward momentum. Are things moving more slowly than you'd like? Put your energy into what is going well. Did you get out of bed and lace up your shoes? Did you put on your workout clothes? Did you create a weekly menu? Think about the baby steps and celebrate the small successes. One of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to sticking with a new plan, is sticking with it when we can't see quick progress. Do the work. Stay the course. Focus on the little things you are doing well. And, if you fall off track mid-day, DON'T GIVE UP. Acknowledge it, and start over immediately. Don't let one slip up derail the entire plan!
  • Plan for the hiccups. No matter who you are, or what you have planned, you will encounter bumps and obstacles. Know it will happen, and plan for it. What are some of the things that have tripped you up in the past? Make a list, and create some work-arounds or plans to help you avoid these pitfalls. What will you do if your kid gets sick and you were up all night and couldn't get up for your early morning workout? What will you do when you have a nutritious lunch packed, but the women in the office try to drag you along for a lunch out? There's no right or wrong answer. But, it is important to have some backup plans that fit your goals and lifestyle. 
  • Make your plans visible. Whether it's broadcasting your plans on Facebook for all to see, or using little notes taped to the mirror or the fridge, or setting an alarm each day that serves as a reminder... make yourself accountable. Work reminders into your day so that you aren't tempted to blow off that workout, meal planning, paper you need to write or the big call you should make.)

The stories we tell ourselves are powerful. As this year closes, and you find yourself reminiscing, take note of the tone of your stories. Is your heart filled with joy and optimism? Do you believe you can achieve great things? If not, you have the power to rewrite your story, to re-frame how you see yourself and the events that have shaped you. You are strong, powerful and committed!

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