The Perfection Detox: How to Ditch Perfectionism and Lead a Productive and Joyful Life

podcast Aug 14, 2018

 I can't even tell you how excited I was to interview Petra Kolber! I met Petra in San Diego this summer at the IDEA World fitness convention. She spoke to our Blogfest group prior to the release of her new book, The Perfection Detox. I thought her insights were important and I wanted to make sure my tribe heard about Petra, her book and her message.

If you have ever suffered from imposter syndrome, or thought you weren't enough, or didn't share your work with the world because it wasn't yet "good enough," or you are constantly picking on yourself or disappointed in yourself, or afraid to push yourself because you don't want to fail... or you worry about what other people are going to think when you "mess up," then this, my friend, is an episode you must listen to!

 We talked about how to know if perfectionism is a problem in your life, how social media has made this more challenging, when perfectionism is a good thing, how to overcome toxic perfectionism, her cancer wake up call and how to reframe failure.

Grab a notebook and prepare to take notes. Petra is FULL of insight and tips... and you'll feel her joy radiate through your speakers!

Take a listen, and then go buy the book (click through for the pre-sale deals... SO MUCH VALUE... and she's still offering these deals on book release day, TODAY, AUGUST 14th!)

 Let's learn to love and accept ourselves!


Coach Kim


Thank you for listening... and reading!

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