Are You Slipping? Checking in with Your Habits

habits podcast Jun 04, 2019


As I started looking more critically at my own habits, I noticed something: I've been slipping. When we gain weight, or lose fitness, it's easy to blame middle age, or a medication or an unfortunate turn of events. But sometimes, we need to take a look at our habits. Are we doing the things we know work for us? Or are we sliding into a behavior pattern where we are constantly making exceptions?

In this episode, I give you three areas to check on your own habits:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Stress

And, I give you some real world examples of how this is working in my own family. You will love these practical journaling strategies that will set you up for success. A few hints:

  • Journal like you're documenting your own personal science experiment.
  • Create lists of easy recipes and grocery items to have on hand at all times.
  • Make lists of contingency plans. The "What if..." list. So you have already thought out some potential ways to respond when you're hangry and want to make choices that support your goals. 


Resources from this episode:

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