No more chronic re-starting.


Four Week Course

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  • If you have dreams of running a 5K, half marathon or marathon, but you can't seem to stick with your training plan...
  • If you have been trying to lose weight but struggle with out of control eating...
  • If you want to be someone who exercises, but can't develop consistency because... life... 
  • If you want to add a new aspect to your training or life (regular stretching, yoga, meditation, strength work...) but you start and stop repeatedly...

Then, this program is for you. We are going to spend four weeks working to develop the skills that will help you create behavior change that sticks. 

You're not lacking will power. There's nothing wrong with you. You aren't a quitter. You just need some systems in place. And Coach Kim will show you how!

You will receive emails related to the course, and you will have access to an online classroom where you will watch coaching videos and get your workbooks. Yes, we will be working!

The program will begin on March 10th, so reserve your slot now!


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