Laura Schmidt of Notes to Self Socks on Optimism and Positivity

podcast Apr 02, 2019


For those of you who have been around for a while, you know that I am always saying that the words we tell ourselves matter. I’m all about positivity and optimism and believing that we have the ability to write the story of our lives. Every day is a fresh, blank page and each morning, we have a choice—do we write a story that’s filled with love and light and hope and optimism and belief in ourselves? Or do we write a story that’s dark and hopeless?

Heck, you don’t even have to wait until tomorrow. You can start right this minute and choose optimism.

You’ve probably heard a variation on the story about the woman who got up late, fumbled around the house in hurry, spilled coffee on her shirt, gets into the car an angry mess, cuts people off in interstate traffic, lays on her horn, waves her middle finger at the other drivers, gets to the office slams the door, barks orders her assistant… and her day continues to spiral out of control… until she comes home and kicks the dog… all because she woke up late.

Every time you get yourself into that type of situation, I want you to ask yourself…. Did I have a bad five minutes? Or did I have a bad five minutes that I allowed to ruin my entire day. The choice is yours. You can use positive words and affirmations to help the bad moments roll right off you and have a fantastic day, or you can let that one frustrating or stressful moment stew and fester and eat at you the entire day.

This week, I am talking with Laura Schmidt, who is the Chief Positive Person at notes to self socks. Laura started notes to self to put her belief in the power of positive thinking into action --  (and on people’s feet!). Laura’s hard work and a positive attitude have resulted in success in the corporate world, in direct sales, and as a dedicated mother of three in Prairie Village, Kansas.

Some of the questions I asked her:

How did you come up with the idea to create socks with affirmations on them?

I know you don’t consider yourself to be someone who is only selling socks. Would you say that you are selling courage and confidence and positivity?

Can we talk about Gary Vee for a minute?

You also believe in supporting your community. I met you last year at a Girls on the Run Kansas City fundraiser. What other types of community organizations do you support?

How does the Chief Positive Person stay positive? What do you do to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down?

What are three traits that you believe champions possess?


Resources and Links From the Show:

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who the heck is Gary Vee?

the Gary Vee Crushing It socks we talked about

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