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podcast reading Mar 19, 2019


Don’t let the internet…

crush your optimism, define your worth, stifle your magic, wreck your wild or dull your self-love.

I found this quote as I was scrolling Instagram the other day.  There is some beautiful artwork  that goes with it by Dani DiPirro over at PositivelyPresent.

It really hit home for me because so much of the content that I put out into the world reflects what I feel like my daughters need to hear a certain week, or maybe it reflects what I need to tell myself in a particular moment. Or maybe it’s a message for a friend who I know is hurting.

I try to be a source of inspiration to help others chase their dreams, get through rough patches and believe in themselves. So when Rachel Hollis released her second book, Girl Stop Apologizing, and I saw multiple negative articles and book reviews, I took it a bit personally. I felt like the criticisms could also apply to my work. 

I strive to put out uplifting and empowering content that will help people take the action necessary to  follow their dreams. There are so many negative messages, and too many people who are waiting to pounce and laugh when you fail. What those people don't understand is that failure is part of the learning process. There is no one who pushed themselves to reach a big goal who got it right the first time, so we need to learn to block out all the negative noise and disregard the naysayers. 

I believe it’s important to help women see their worth and give them the tools to build their self confidence so that when it feels like everything in the world is conspiring against them, they have the strength to get back up and keep trying until they get what they want.

From my perspective, the criticism of Rachel's message is unfair. When I look at Rachel Hollis and all that she's created, I see a woman who worked hard for 10 years running her own business, whose popularity took off in the past two years, and now people want to go back and pick apart everything she’s ever posted on social media and everything she’s ever said and twist it.  

She is one person, out on the internet, (and now filling conference centers!!) sharing a message about positivity and hard work. She is someone who is trying to empower other women. And she's darn popular among her audience, which she has spent years talking to and learning about their mindset and discovering the things that concern them most. She's speaking directly to the people who have been sharing their lives with her for the past 12 years.

I agree that her message might not appeal to apply to everyone, but don't bash her for getting people fired up about personal growth. (You won't accomplish much in life if you can't learn to harness the power of your mind!)

You do not need to like any message shared on social media. But if you don’t like what someone is teaching, please don’t go bashing them like a jealous high school girl. You could simply say, “Her message doesn’t resonate with me.”

And, if you happen to be the person that other people are trash talking, remember that you have value. Your opinions have value. You are unique and needed in this world.

That's my rant. Now on to the this week's podcast!

I'm talking this week with Ashley DeLuca about: success, taking time to connect with friends and loved ones, the traits Ashley believes all champions possess and how she got started in business. Ashley also shares email marketing tips for women who want to get better at reaching customers outside of an environment owned by Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Ashley DeLuca is a Digital Marketing consultant who helps creative female entrepreneurs up-level their web presence, establish authority, and develop their own spot on the internet to call their own with her step-by-step solutions. You can find her online at 


Resources mentioned in the show:

Get the download that Ashley discusses in the show, her easy guide to getting started with email marketing.

Instagram Account, PositivelyPresent - lots of beautiful artwork and positivity on this account.

Books by Rachel Hollis:  Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing

My free course to help you learn to crush your goals, even if you are a chronic re-starter


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