How Yoga Builds Your Mental Muscle for Life and Business with Viviane Wolfe

podcast yoga Mar 05, 2019

I've heard people say that mindfulness is the new running, meaning that mindfulness is going to be the next big health craze to gain mass appeal, just as running did in the 70s and again in the 90s. When we think of mindfulness, we often think of meditation, which has tons of benefits (such as helping with pain, anxiety and depression, calming the mind, enhancing creativity, helping with age-related memory loss, reducing stress and more). However, the idea of sitting in a dark room and doing nothing can be intimidating... and can sound really boring to those of us with busy minds!! So, I was excited to interview Viviane Wolfe about yoga because yoga has its own benefits, in addition to the benefits that meditation brings. 

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One of the first things Viviane said in our interview was, "If you want to heal your relationship with your body, you should do yoga." I loved the way she unpacked this statement because she helps us find the mindset we need to recover from injury, setbacks, addiction... and even learning to love our bodies as we age.

Viviane has a background in dance and performance, so we also talked a bit about performers and anxiety... and how the same types of anxiety can apply to speakers and businesspeople. 

She says that yoga can help your relationships, helping you become a better coworker and partner. A lot of this comes from self-awareness and the reduced stress so that you are able to focus better and show more kindness and compassion in interactions with others.

The benefits of yoga go far beyond what happens on the yoga mat, and you don't need to commit to a full hour to see results. Start where you are--whether that's clicking on a 5 minute video you found online, going to an hour class in your community, or traveling for a retreat at an exotic location. 

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About this podcast: 

Viviane Wolfe is an online yoga coach who helps women build and maintain a yoga practice that supports them in life and business. 

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