Top Podcasts of 2020: Hope, Passion, and Joy

podcast Dec 22, 2020

We may be eager to put 2020 behind us, but amid the uncertainty and stress, we learned a lot.

  • We discovered we are more resilient than we thought,
  • We learned who we can depend on,
  • We found new ways to work remotely, to sell our products online, or to pivot so we could continue to bring in income,
  • We figured out new methods for teaching and learning,
  • We sought out creative ways to connect with family, neighbors, and coworkers,
  • And, hopefully we learned that those with privilege felt the effects of the pandemic less, and that we need to find ways to level the playing field and help our brothers and sisters get the support and opportunities they deserve.

In 2020, we felt great highs and deep lows, and the Top 10 Power Up Your Performance podcasts of the year reflect the needs for hope and optimism. I've  recorded 54 podcast episodes (with three more to go) this year. Here's the top 10 list for 2020:

10. Episode 115. Become Your Best Advocate and SOAR: Jen Sugermeyer Provides Tips to Find Health and Happiness Although she appeared to be a successful, businesswoman, Jen was living a dark, double-life that no one could see, and she was at her breaking point in life. In and out of jails, hospitals, and battling addictions, Jen failed for 10 years trying to get a handle on her life, and it was when she heard seven words that changed the course of her life that she was able to endure an incredible transformation. 

9.  Episode 89. Will You Be Ready to Pursue Your Passion? This is a topic I've been passionate about the entire pandemic (maybe well before people were ready to hear this tough love speech). Life may seem like it's on hold right now, but will you be ready to pursue your passion when we get the green light? Even if you aren't feeling up to taking on some new challenges, by taking control of what you can control, you will feel better. In this episode, we talk about how to manage your energy so you are ready when opportunity comes.

8. Episode 101. Running Toward Joy: Foundational Principles for Living with Denise ZavitsonFollowing her own experience with personal loss, culminating in a tragic accident that claimed the lives of three family members, Denise embarked on a personal pilgrimage--retreating to an isolated cabin in Tennessee to read, study, reflect and identify practices that would propel her toward a life of greater joy and abundance. During this time, she was inspired to compose Seven Affirmations that have become part of her daily practice. These Pillars of Truth have helped her move past negative emotions and destructive habits to a place of purpose, joy, and abundance.

7. Episode 87. Give Yourself Grace and Ef Those MemesWe've all seen the motivation-shaming memes about how you're wasting an opportunity if you aren't super productive, motivated, and crossing big items off your to-do list in this time of crisis. In today's episode, I'll share why I think that thinking is bogus. Ef the memes!

6. Episode 122. Get in Shape and Feel More Confident with Emily Coffman. Emily Coffman knows all about thriving as an athlete. She is a retired Division 1 athlete who was tired of girls feeling like they have to go on diets and strict workout plans in order to be healthy and reach their goals. She launched Girls Gone Healthy, a podcast where she helps overwhelmed girls learn where to start when it comes to getting in shape, feeling more confident in their body, and eating right. I loved talking with Emily because her passion for wellness is evident, and she’s not proposing anything extreme. The fitness industry would like us to believe that you can get the results you want with quick fixes and things that just don’t make any realistic sense. Getting in shape, feeling more energetic, becoming more confident.. this is all stuff that takes time… and Emily has some great examples and actionable tips today that will help you get there.

5. Episode 102. Take a Virtual Running Adventure with Dave McGillivray From his extraordinary 1978 run across the U.S. to benefit the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to serving as technical director then race director of the BAA Boston Marathon since the 1980s, Dave McGillivray has helped organize more than 900 mass participatory events since founding DMSE Sports in 1981, while raising millions for worthy causes close to his heart.

4. Episode 86. Word of the Day: HopeI know these are scary times and most of us have not experienced anything like this in our lifetimes. But even in the chaos and uncertainty, there is much hope for today and for the future. At the end of this episode, you'll get an assignment that will help you cultivate hope and optimism in your own life. 

3. Episode 88. You're an Overcomer: Why You Need OptimismYou are stronger than you think. You are resilient. And you will get through this. You know I love to talk about optimism. Does it really matter? And how can it help us, especially in challenging times?

2. Episode 85. Lessons We Can Learn From the Super Bowl Bound Kansas City ChiefsI'm in awe of the Kansas City Chiefs and all the incredible life lessons they keep throwing our way! As I watched the AFC Championship game, and the post-game interviews, I took notes because there was so much goodness, and I knew I needed to share my observations. We can learn a lot from the Chiefs, and in this episode, I'm sharing seven life lessons I picked up on over the last 48 hours. 

1. Episode 84. Do Something Special - What We Can All Learn From Patrick MahomesThe Kansas City Chiefs were down 24-0 in the first 20 minutes of the game last weekend. Everyone thought they were doomed. Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, kept his cool, remained calm, and gave a speech to his team. "Let's do something special," he said. What can we learn from the speech that spurred the comeback? In this episode, I share four thoughts from Mahomes' speech that we can all apply to get the outcomes we want at work, in sports, and in life.

Thank you to everyone who was on the podcast in 2020, and thank you to all of you who listened! Please subscribe, rate, and review wherever you listen to podcasts!

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