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podcast Dec 11, 2018

If you tuned in last week, you know that I'm excited about using journaling as a way to power up your performance, not just when it comes to health and fitness, but in all areas of your life. I did some killer interviews over the summer with top minds in the health and fitness industry. For this podcast, I looked back through the podcast episodes and used some clips from the interviews as journal prompts. 

Tune into the podcast to get the full context. Then, spend some time reflecting and writing about any of the topics that resonate with you. Click on the links within each paragraph below to go to the full, original podcast with each of these amazing minds in the wellness world. 

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From Sara J Loureiro, Mindset Coach & Business Strategist for women who are on a mission to make a serious impact in the world: We talked about living life "As if..." How would your behavior change in certain situations if you behaved as if what you want has already happened? How might this apply to your life? Is there something big you’d like to accomplish that living As If would help with?


From Dr. Heather Denniston, chiropractor with a certification in wellness chiropractic (and a very long list of honors and accolades!): We talked about living a sepia-toned existence, and the influence the small choices we make daily have in our life. This includes several areas of wellness, including: sleep, hydration, nutrition, managing stress, exercise, connection with others, relationships with friends and family, finances and fun. In your journal, jot down one area where you feel like you can improve. Don't try to make a big, sweeping change. Just note one tiny thing you can do this week to make a positive change in your life

From Bonnie Parrish-Kell, Chief Diva at Slow Poke Divas: Bonnie began her athletic journey at age 50 and leads a life that shows us all that we are never too old or too out of shape to lead an active lifestyle. We talked about the importance of being patient and not comparing your journey to other people’s journey. Do you ever make poor decisions because you are trying to rush your progress? Or because you lack the patience to see where your path takes you? Do you ever feel "less than" because you are comparing yourself to others? Listen to what Bonnie says in the podcast, and then write about it in your journal.

From Dr. Michelle Segar, author of No Sweat! How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness: Dr. Segar has devoted her 25-year career to creating sustainable behavior change for health and well-being, and she is a recognized pioneer in the field. Michelle reminds us to stop being discouraged, and to stop being down on ourselves. You don't need to run a marathon, or put in hours on the bike for it to be considered exercise. Take the time to find ways of moving that are rewarding to you, and find ways to work small bursts of exercise into your day. What are some ways you can work some quick bursts of exercise into your day? If you are trying to find more time to foam roll, or to do strength exercises, or to work in a bit of yoga, how can you fit it in?

From Lyn Lindbergh, the Bad Couch Guru, and author of the new book, Couch to Active: We've all been taught that we need more grit... that if we have more willpower, we will be better at sticking to a workout or nutrition plan. Lyn says that grit is bogus (and I agree!) Grit will only take you so far. You need to set up your environment for success, and that includes choosing workouts and workout partners and workout locations that you love! What are you doing in your life that you are gritting your teeth about and muscling your way through? What are some activities that you enjoy that you can look forward to? If you train alone, is it possible to have a day in your plan that's more flexible so that you can spend time with friends who don't have the same physical abilities or exercise interests? How can you apply this to your life?

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