PODCAST EPISODE 154: You Are Not Your Thoughts, with Casey Edward


Casey Edward is a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Yoga Instructor, and a firm believer that you can be happy AND successful, calm AND productive. She helps people live in the moment, learn how to say NO and get out of that place where they feel lonely and empty - so they can move on to relationships, work, and activities that allow them to lead their best, most fulfilling lives.

What We Talked About:

We covered lots of topics including: choosing your thoughts and the way you respond to situations, getting out of tough job or relationship situations, toxic positivity (and what that really means), and how to make tough life changes. 

 You Don't Need to Believe Every Thought You Have:

Casey: We think 70,000 thoughts a day, and I was believing every single one of them. And for me, it was, "You're not enough. You should lose weight. You aren't good enough to do that. Who are you to start a business?" And I was believing all of them, but if someone had just said, "Oh, you get to decide what you think. You don't have to think that," It would have saved me years of pain.

Own Your NO:

Casey: It's serving no one if you're saying yes to things that don't bring you joy or give you energy -  because a you're meant to be happy. So if something feels like a no, and it's not going to bring you joy, then it's okay to say, no. And B, if you're thinking about it from a more grand perspective, service wise, you can't show up how you want to in the world if you keep saying yes to things that are going to take your energy, when you need to be focusing on something else.

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