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core podcast Apr 23, 2019

You need a strong core to excel in running… but it’s also what is going to keep you moving under your own power and keep you chasing adventure in your 80s and 90s. I talked with Mark Campbell, of Core Strong Fitness, about the importance of core training, how you can use suspension training to become stronger, how you can have an 18 year old athlete and an 80 year old woman rebuilding leg strength both rocking the same class, some of the success stories from the people he's trained, ways to work exercise into your day in small increments, how he creates a supportive environment at his gym... and more!

“If you want to be able to climb a mountain when you’re 80 years old, you have to have a strong core. If you want to run your fastest marathon time, you have to have a strong core.”

--Mark Campbell


About Mark:

Mark Campbell is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of CORE Strong Fitness, the only studio with a TRX focus in Kansas City. He is also a Black Rank Level 4 Certified TRX COACH, Lems Shoe Brand ambassador, Barefoot Training Specialist though EBFA, and he holds a bunch of other fabulous certifications that make him an expert at helping people move and perform better.  Mark is passionate about movement and helping people get stronger, move better and become happier. When not running his business, Mark enjoys spending quiet time with his wife and their two dogs, rock climbing, hiking, running, and reading.



For those of you in the Kansas City area, Mark is offering a Free Class Code: Type in CORE when you register for a class. It’s good through May 23, 2019

Go to to take advantage of that offer. 

Resources from this episode:

Core Strong KC website

Core Strong KC Instagram

Mark's Instagram where he posts tons of TRX demos and workouts

EBFA You Tube Channel Kim mentioned (Dr. Emily Splichal)

Kim's InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest

About the podcast hostess:

Kim Peek is a movement and mindset strategist with a passion for running, triathlon and all things fitness. She holds a number of running and triathlon coaching certifications, and is a certified group fitness instructor. Kim is also a functional aging specialist and breast cancer exercise specialist. She loves working with individuals and teams. Ask Kim about speaking to your organization or leading a group fitness class at your business, a team building event or for a girls' night out function.



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