Seize Your Saturday: Thinking about COURAGE and ADVENTURE

adventure courage saturday Feb 23, 2019

Seize Your Saturday!

We'll see how long I can do this consistently. I thought Saturday might be a good time to pose a question that will challenge all of us to think.  Ever since I interviewed Tracy Cotton for the podcast, and I learned about her 50 for 50 Adventure, I've been thinking about how much courage it takes to commit to trying 50 new things in a single year. 

Here's my challenge for you this weekend. Wherever you gather over the next few days, see where the conversation goes when you ask this question:

If you challenged yourself to try 50 new things in one year, what would you choose? They can be places to visit, day trips, new hobbies, things that scare you or ideas to explore--but you have to make your list public so that your friends hold you accountable.

As she explained on the podcast, Tracy decided she wanted her 50th birthday year to be epic, so she had some friends help her come up with a list of 50 new things to try in 2019. Some of the things on her list involve a lot of prep, like doing her first triathlon, and performing stand up comedy. And, others are activities she can simply schedule and walk into, like pole dancing. Some activities take an entire weekend, and others take only an hour, but to get 50 new things into a year, it involves some serious planning. 

I think a person could focus on doing a triathlon or performing stand up--and working on each of those as stand alone events for months on end and that would be challenging, rewarding and maybe a little bit scary. To take on each of those, while also committing to nearly one new thing a week for a year... just wow. 

I think Tracy is in for an incredible year, and I can't wait to check in with her in December to see what she's learned.

But it made me wonder... what about ME? What about all of you out there? She's doing almost one new thing a week. Couldn't the rest of us do one new thing a month? Or even six new things in a year?

What holds us back? Why are we content to sit in our comfort zone when people like Tracy are out there living BIG? When you're out and about this weekend, discuss the idea of the 50 for 50 (listen to her podcast for some inspiration!) and then shoot me an email and let me know what kind of ideas YOU and your friends and family would try.

What would you try that makes you excited and also a little bit sick to your stomach? That might be a great, big goal to work toward this year. I want to hear from you!


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