PODCAST EPISODE 151: Cultivating Resilience for Better Health with Amy Deland


Amy Deland knows first hand that it’s not easy to tackle health issues alone, and that navigating the vast world of health and wellness can feel overwhelming. Health issues have run in her family for generations, and she has witnessed how a lack of support and resources can prolong issues to the point of devastating consequences.

Because of her personal experience and perspective, she wakes up every day passionate about creating opportunities for people to create their best life by accessing proper support and resources.


We talked about why resilience is so important, especially as we face continued challenges due to the pandemic:

Amy: On top of some of the things that we're facing globally, like environmental change, there's the need to be resilient and the need to be able to care for ourselves is paramount--not just how we show up in our own lives,  in our family's lives or our community's lives, or the people we work with, but also as a society to equip ourselves, to navigate through those challenges. 

It really does root down to how we care for ourselves, how we talk to ourselves, and our ability to heal and to be resilient through those challenges. The pandemic is definitely very unique, but this is absolutely a part of life, needing to be able to work through a lot of the challenges that we face, and oftentimes they're just incredibly unexpected.

We touched on how limiting beliefs can affect our resilience, and about how many people aren't even aware they have limiting beliefs:

Amy: We're walking through life every day, talking down to ourselves, "shoulding" on ourselves, we're creating a breeding ground for limiting beliefs, and we're putting emotional and mental roadblocks in place.

So every thought that we're having is either helping us, encouraging us, or it's setting one more roadblock in place that makes it difficult for us to see our worth, our value, in possible paths forward. Of course, this has an impact on how we show up... who we are in professional environments and who we are personally too as parents, and in our friendships, and in our relationships.

When we take a closer look at limiting beliefs, oftentimes we'll find that they stem from our childhood beliefs that were instilled in us at a very early age.

What do simple acts of self-care look like?

Amy: One of the things that help to me when I was just trying to figure out how to cultivate self-worth is...  it feels like walking through mud. And one of the things that really helped was simple acts of self care. So getting out and walking. I have a dog that I love and adore and brings a lot of comfort and joy and happiness to my life--getting out with him in nature. Learning how to care for myself.

So when I started to do that, I started to feel well. And then when I had the trauma informed therapy, and was starting to tackle some of these limiting beliefs -- that's a little bit of a heavier step -- but that really started to set a foundation for understanding who I was, what I had gone through, some of the beliefs that I had in place...

and why things were so hard sometimes. Otherwise it was just easier for me to talk down on myself and say, "Everybody else seems like they can do it. They seem like they can get through this. Why am I not able to do this? Why am I stuck?" So setting that foundation of self care made it a really powerful place to start, even though it really was small changes.

We also talked about how to pivot and create the change you desire in your life, how to develop healthy habits, how to curate the influences you want and need in your life, and so much more!

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