PODCAST EPISODE 150: Eliminate Overwhelm Without Losing Your Success with Maureen Gibbons

After taking a summer hiatus, we are back for season four of Power Up Your Performance! In this season, I'll share more content and stories that will help you change trajectory of your life, pour love into the world, conquer monumental challenges, and move more and feel better.  

In this episode, I spoke with Maureen Gibbons, MD about how to eliminate overwhelm in our hectic lives. 

Life is stressful, and tends to operate at a hectic pace. How do you remain happy, and eliminate overwhelm while keeping everything in your life running smoothly? How do you find the things that make your soul come alive and actually have time for them?

I spoke with Maureen Gibbons, an emergency physician at a level 2 trauma center, who is also a triathlon coach, sports nutritionist and the bestselling author of "Happy First: How to Win Life in the Moment - at Home, at Work, at the Gym and Even in the Kitchen."

A few snippets from our conversation:

On Sleep...

"If you're only sleeping four hours a night, I can guarantee you, you're not going to be able to access that happy first energy.  You're going to be irritable.

One of the best things I tell people is to start with sleep because it's a human need. People say, 'Oh, I only need three or four hours.' No, you've learned to survive on three to four hours. But if we could get you to six, seven, and eight, then you can really thrive because you don't need as much time to get things done because you're focused and you're happy."

On not being happy with your life...

"One of the most important things is to take a step out of your narrative.  Take a step out of your own brain because we have these stories that are there all the time. So we think they are real, when there could be multiple options. Take a step out of that narrative and say, 'What could be a different story?'"

On finding happy first energy...

"You don't have to forego everything; you don't have to run away from your job. You don't have to abdicate responsibility. Those things are enjoyable too. And if they fit in with your persona, and if they fit in with your soul, if they make your soul feel alive, those are the things that will connect you to that happy first energy."

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Resources from Maureen Gibbons:

Head over to StandSmiling.com for information on her philosophy, coaching and speaking opportunities or LiveHappyFirst.com to check out the book and get a free gift.



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