PODCAST EPISODE 143: Women--Empowerment Begins with You!

podcast Feb 15, 2021

What does it mean to feel "stuck" in life or in your career? And how does someone get "unstuck"? We hear this phrase a lot when listening to life and transformation coaches, but what does it really mean? I talked to Dagmar Bryant, PhD about life transformation, empowerment, clarity, and finding our life's purpose in Episode 143 of Power Up Your Performance. 

On the podcast she says:

"Even though we call it 'stuck,' they're often feeling really disempowered, so one of the key things for me is trying to understand or help them understand who they are and where they fit into things. Why have things turned out the way they have? What have they tried? What haven't they tried? What is it that they actually want to achieve? 

Sometimes we tell ourselves we want something, but we really need to go into our core to understand. It's coming to that understanding of: do you really want what you think you want? And we have to get to the core of that first."

Next, she says, we need to decide what we want to do about the situation. And, even if we can't fully change the situation right now, it's possible to take small steps so we feel in control of our lives. 

And the final step she outlines is to have an end date and mark it on the calendar. "It might be the 9th of April, whatever date," she says.  "The point is pick a date. And by that date, you hold yourself accountable. And that's the important thing that it forces you to take action, because if you don't see that things are changing and if you've genuinely give it a go, you can say, well, time's up, nothing's changed."

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