Cross Your Own Personal Finish Line with a Smile on Your Face

Run a 5K with a group of friends. Explore new cities powered by your own heart, lungs, and feet. Travel with a group of girlfriends and run a half marathon halfway across the country. 

You have a dream, and I'll help you celebrate it every step of the way.

We start January 1st!

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Connect Online with Your Team

Training is always more fun with friends! You'll connect with your team online to share the highs and lows of training, chat about life, share your favorite recovery strategies... and more. 

In addition to bi-weekly meetings online with your small group, you'll get additional training resources and videos to discuss with your training partners and put into action. 

Run Club with Coach Kim - Regular Check-in

Bi-Weekly Small Pod Meetings for Fun and Accountability

I've never loved generic group coaching. For one, people are much more likely to quit if there's no individualized coaching. And well... I really love getting to know the people who are using my plans! My solution: we'll meet online every other week in small groups to check-in, solve problems, and keep everyone moving. 

Training plan-Coach Kim- Running

Group Training Plan

You'll get a group training plan delivered via Final Surge, giving you the flexibility to move your training blocks as life happens. I'll teach you how to listen to your body, and I'll continue educating you with monthly content--so you'll understand the "why" behind your training and can make informed decisions.

Keep Learning as You Train!

The more you run, the more you'll want to know. In addition to the small pod meetings, I'll add new content each month, covering things like nutrition, strength training, mindset, resilience, how to build endurance safely, how to prevent running injuries... and more. You'll get video content, guest speakers, workbooks and optional assignments designed to take your training to the next level.

Let's Get Started!
Group Run Coaching with Coach Kim

You Are Powerful, and Strong. You CAN Do This!

Maybe it's been a while since you ran. Or you're in your 50s and at a point in life where you finally have time to do something amazing and empowering for yourself. Or you've put on a few pounds during this pandemic... you're slower and a little more curvy than you once were. You don't have to run fast or far to do this. In fact, you can walk!

I'm going to help you love running in the body you have today. You're not too slow, old, overweight, or out of shape. You have a body that was born to move. You deserve the freedom that comes from the sun on your face and a breeze at your back while exploring new places with friends. 

I'm Ready!

No More Wishing and Waiting. I'll Help You Pursue Your Passions!

This is the year you're going to take action! It's time to do something for yourself and rediscover that part of yourself that's been too worried and too stressed to come out to play! 

I'm the author of the endurance training book, Holistic Endurance Training, and I'm ready to show you how to train with friendship, fun, and longevity in mind. 

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