The Champion's Club

If you love what Coach Kim talks about on the Power Up Your Performance podcast, you will love this program! Kim takes the topics from the podcast and turns them into deeper learning experiences. In this program, you get: workouts, warm ups, cool downs, stretches, mindset lessons and more! You don't have to be an athlete to benefit from this program. We can all improve our thinking so we can get more out of life.

You get over 52 workouts! Do them in order and work through the months, or hop around and follow your curiosity. 

  • The workouts are boot-camp-style workouts, designed so they can be completed in 10-30 minutes. You're in control of the intensity, the options, and how you put the blocks together to create a workout that fits the time you have, and your current fitness level.
  • A new mindset lesson in each section - with discussions geared to help you live, feel, think and train like a champion. It's important to get your mindset right when you're trying to make permanent lifestyle changes, so in each module, we also dive into one aspect of developing a champion's mindset and reinforce that with ideas you can incorporate into your daily life, whether your goals are related to fitness, nutrition, or another big goal you want to CRUSH!
  • Access to a Power of Run Facebook group for support.

In the group, and in the lessons, we talk about fitness, mindset, nutrition, friendships, sleep, hydration, positivity, self-care and more... we hit the big and the little details that will transform your life, make you stronger (physically and mentally) and help you live a life you love.


Here are some of the comments from members from past challenge groups:

"This was a great challenge! ... Very inspiring and a good way to show that you can fit a little bit of fitness into even the busiest day." - TMC

"Thank you. Gonna continue and start this challenge all over again." - CVG

"A big thanks to Coach Kim and encouraging members who shared truthfully." - JT

"...but now I feel way stronger going into class tonight. Can’t believe I can see the end of the challenge. So happy I challenged n pushed myself with everyone’s help on here with all the motivational posts." - LH


  • Multiple videos of the exercises so you can participate no matter your experience level. We give you lots of options to take things up a notch, or to scale the workout due to limited range of motion or medical concerns you might have. 
  • A plan you can print off or save to your phone for quick reference.
  • Pep talks, lessons and themes to keep things interesting and to keep you inspired. 
  • Tools you need to get stronger, improve muscle imbalances and train for your primary sport.
  • Options for making each workout longer or shorter so it can be a stand-alone workout, or be used to build strength for an existing program. 

Dream big and enjoy an active lifestyle filled with adventure and have amazing stories to tell by this time next year. Where do you want to go? The first step is to sign up and join the program so you can run strong and move well, and so you are prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Frequently asked questions:

What about results? The Power of Run clients always get great results! There's no such thing as a magic pill that melts off fat, makes us injury-free, or gives us super-speed and endurance. But, with commitment, hard work, the tools in the challenge and the support of your peers, you will see physical and mental changes, and you will be thrilled with your accomplishments. 

Will I lose 10 pounds overnight? Sorry. I won't make all those fake promises you see in all the ads flooding your social media feeds. This is about making a commitment to yourself and your wellness. And, if you put in the work, your Challenge Squad will make sure you find success. 

Will I be able to keep up? Yes! I always include lots and lots of options so that if you are new to exercise, or if you are an experienced exerciser, you can adapt each exercise to fit your current fitness level. 

I'm not a "gym person." Will I understand the lingo? Each week, you'll get new content. That content includes demo videos to show you how to do the exercises, how to do them with proper form, and how to adapt them to your current capabilities. 

Can I access the workouts on my phone or tablet? YES! You can access the entire program via the app so you can take your workouts anywhere!

What do you think? Are you ready to POWER UP your life? I can't wait to work with you and see what we can accomplish together!

Coach Kim



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