In her early 40s, Kim became a runner, a triathlete, and then a coach. But she didn’t always like endurance activities. At one point, she threatened to fire her trainer because the sessions involved Kim running around the 1/10th mile track at the gym. She stuck with it because she enjoyed the camaraderie among the moms, and because she quickly dropped 50 pounds, all while realizing she was capable of achieving hard things.

The discipline she developed as a runner gave her the strength to face a 2015 breast cancer diagnosis with courage. She continued running through treatment and celebrated the end of chemo by running a half marathon with a group of friends a week later.


Problem Solver

As a new mom, a frequently-injured runner, or a breast cancer survivor, Kim was never content with sitting back and letting life happen to her. Every obstacle, injury and surgery motivated her to look for solutions and continue her education. 

Now, Kim shares the things she's learned so that others can discover the solutions she so desperately needed. 


Transforming Lives

Whether she’s speaking, presenting a workshop, or coaching an individual athlete, Kim turns her own bumps and twists in the road of life into training plans and programs that inspire others to push their bodies and minds to achieve more than they ever imagined.


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