Build Resilience to Weather Life's Storms

A four-part podcast series to help you thrive

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Get Out of Your Funk and Feel Vibrant Again

It seems that more people than ever are struggling right now due to circumstances caused by the pandemic. But you don’t need to wait it out. In fact, you shouldn’t put your life on hold. If you're in a funk, today's podcast is a baby step toward reclaiming your life.

This is episode one in a series designed to help you find your energy and regain your joy and enthusiasm for life.

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Achieve More (Even in a Pandemic) When You Level Up Your Energy

Are you using phrases like, "I'm exhausted." "I'm drained." "I have no energy to focus on myself"? Today, we talk about how to create more energy so we have the capacity to challenge ourselves, grow, and chase our dreams... rather than sitting at home in a lump on the couch, staring at a screen, wishing and hoping something will change in the world. 

We'll discuss five things you can do today to take control of your life, even during a pandemic.

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30 Day Challenge

Gratitude Walk (or Run!) 

Develop your gratitude muscle for a happier, more resilient life... and get in some steps too! Each day, you'll receive a reflection prompt to consider as you move your body. Then, you'll take a few moments to jot down your thoughts. End 2020 with energy, enthusiasm, and strength!

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Gratitude: Your Secret Weapon for Weathering Tough Times

We tend to focus more on the obstacles and difficulties of life because they are right there, on our face, screaming… demanding our attention. And because all our challenges require so much effort, we forget to reflect on all the really good things. However, inside every struggle, there are opportunities to be grateful, if we take the time to change our focus.

Listen to today's episode to learn why gratitude is another tool that will help you become more resilient--and learn how to incorporate gratitude into your day.

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Do You Know the Mindset Shift that Delivers Better Results than Grit?


We are taught that we need to have this massive amount of determination and willpower to succeed in tough times. But the truth about grit is that it works only works for short periods of time. And, when grit fails us, we get down on ourselves, thinking we aren't tough enough, or that we've failed again. 

Today, we'll talk about what's missing--how to go beyond grit so you develop the mindset necessary to achieve your goals.

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