Level Up Your Life
5-Day Challenge

How are you feeling?

If you’ve found that your workouts have been off, or your motivation has been low during quarantine… 

If shelter in place orders turned your race plans… or your life plans upside down… 

If you’re just tired of walking the dog and seeing the same neighbors day after day… and you’re ready to add some excitement to your life…

this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

I’m Kim Peek, author of Holistic Endurance Training, and I’m on a mission to help you make your comeback. Join me for this totally free, 5-day challenge.

Every day decisions create momentum. So for the next five days, I want you to tune in for a daily dose of motivation. I'll walk you through a plan that will help you make some changes to your routine that will leave you energized and ready to face whatever comes next on that crazy 2020 Bingo card you're holding.

Listen to my Power Up Your Performance podcast each morning to start your day, and I'll guide you.

I’ll keep the episodes short. And, they’ll be available early in the morning, so you can listen for a quick pep talk as you start your day.

Whether you're a walker, a runner, just starting back... or prefer another type of workout, this challenge will help you find your motivation, stay consistent, and crush your goals so you're ready to face any challenge that comes your way when it's your time to shine. 

You can listen to the episodes free by subscribing to Power Up Your Performance anywhere you listen to podcasts. Or by clicking on the episodes as they become available below. 

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This is the first in a five-day challenge series designed to help you level up your life in this challenging time. Exercise could very well be every parent's secret weapon as we head back to school this year. In this episode, I talk about the benefits of exercise on the brain, how parents can incorporate movement to help their children academically, and why movement is good for YOU. LISTEN HERE

I've been thinking a lot about habits and routines and how our habits change in different seasons. We've been in one LONG season with all the unexpected changes in our lives due to COVID. How are you adapting? Are you ready to level up your life and get back on track with some movement? Join us for Day Two of our challenge! LISTEN HERE

It's DAY THREE of the 5-Day Movement Challenge, and today we are talking about positivity and mindset. I'll share a little research study that shows just how powerful mindset is when it comes to athletic ability. And, we'll talk more about how to keep pushing yourself to move more. LISTEN HERE

Today we are talking about mindset and consistency. Mindset is the name of the game. I'd say success is 75% mindset and 25% consistency. Both are important, and in today's short episode, we will touch on both. LISTEN HERE

This is DAY FIVE of the 5-Day Challenge designed to help you move more and achieve your goals. In this episode, I'll introduce you to my HEART system, tell you what each of the letters mean, and briefly show you how you can use this system to develop habits that stick, creating lasting change. If you want to run more consistently, or achieve a big career goal, this is where you start. LISTEN HERE