Booties and Burpees Thanksgiving to New Year's Day Challenge

Get a Jump Start on Achieving Your 2019 Goals!

You are an achiever. And I'm going to help you change your life and accomplish the dreams you've never dared to whisper to anyone else. We start Thanksgiving Day. Here's the scoop.


Here's how Booties and Burpees Challenge Works:

(Spoiler: This year, it's called Booties, Burpees and BRAINS!)

I don't have magic pills or quick-fixes, but I can tell you that if you do the work in this FREE program, you will be on your way to a successful 2019! I offered this challenge last year -- and people of all fitness levels experienced fantastic results: stronger glutes and core, better balance, loss of inches, and faster running times. 

But one thing was missing. You see... free programs (and even paid programs) have a high drop out rate. We start out super-motivated on that first day. We might even make it through the first week. And, then... real life creeps in and chips away at our willpower. Suddenly, we aren't so excited about that new diet plan, or workout... or sometimes even that big race we signed up for.

That's because it takes so much more than willpower when it comes to achieving any goal that requires a lifestyle change. This year, in addition to the daily exercises, I'm including  BRAIN WORK - weekly tips that will help you with the mental piece of creating behavior change that sticks.

I put my heart into creating my fitness and running programs, and it seriously makes me so sad when I see people who are ready to make a change lose their momentum and turn their backs on their dreams.

I've always been puzzled by this phenomenon, so I devoted the last year to studying the secrets to lasting behavior change. Why do some people stick with the plan, while others see their motivation fizzle out?

That's because it's about so much more than willpower! Between now and New Year's Day, we are going to lay the groundwork and start working on the baby steps so that you are developing habits that will ensure success. 

I want YOU to CRUSH YOUR GOALS! This year, I'm giving you two ways to participate: 

  1. There's the free version. That gets you a weekly email with the brain training exercises, plus links to all the physical exercises, and the support of those in the Booties and Burpees Facebook group. 
  2. You get everything above, plus you will be included in a special group that includes the people who hungry for success, who won't let the busy holiday season hold them back. In this group, you'll get bonus content that includes weekly Facebook Lives where you can get support and ask your toughest questions (Think of it as group coaching.) In that group, you will also get exclusive webinars, recipes and viewing parties that will help keep you motivated and moving in the right direction. This option is just $14, which will get you all the things I've mentioned - now through the first day of 2019. (Sign up now by clicking this link to be taken to the check out page.)


Together, we are going to ROCK this! I have spent the last year studying why some people stick to goals they set and why others let their dreams fizzle out. I have you covered with tactics and tips that will set you on the path to success.

Hang with me this holiday season, and learn some new habits that will set you up for a FABULOUS 2019!

Fitness is always more fun with friends. Invite a friend to join you!

We Start Thanksgiving Day!

Are You In?

You Can Do This!

Don't let the name freak you out!

We are starting out easy, and I always give you plenty of options. If you've never done a burpee, or don't even know what one is, there will be options for you. I promise!

Are you ready for the paid program? Then head over to the checkout page linked HERE. Otherwise, join the free program by completing the form below!)

Week One starts with exercises you can do with the family as you wash dishes after your big Thanksgiving feast. And I'll throw in some exercises that Black Friday shoppers can use as they brave the crowds. But mostly, week one will be all about small 1-2 minute bursts of exercise throughout each day. Simple enough, right?!

In Week Two, you'll increase the number of small bursts of exercise. And by Week Six, you'll be doing longer workouts.

You'll receive your first email with mental tips and exercises on Wednesday, November 20th so that you're all set to start on Thanksgiving! Remember to check your email because I'll also send you demo videos, and you'll be invited to join our private Facebook community so you can share your progress with others.

Celebrate YOU this year!

What would happen if you committed to spending just 10-15 mnutes a day on yourself this holiday season? I'm here to help!


This Challenge Begins:

This challenge begins on November 22th and runs until New Year's Day.









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